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"Beyond the Prison of Beliefs attempts to appeal to both ends of the audience spectrum through an investigation of the commonalities that unite us and the rifts that divides us. The book takes the reader through a journey of self inquiry of one’s own biases towards ‘the other’ by understanding the physical and psychological forces that shape us all and by humbling us to the fact that despite our scientific feats, what we know about ourselves and this vast universe, is indeed limited."


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"Reading this book felt like a relationship to me. It made me feel love, smile, cry, have goosebumps, question myself, and even have a break (the healthy kind). The book transports you through different realms of existence between earth and heaven - science and spirituality. Your soul will create this unanimous dance with it. It ignited a path of new concepts, revelation of hidden wounds and indulgence of fresh ideas that didn't cross my mind before."


Rating on GoodReads

"This book was definitely an eye-opener when it comes to understanding not only the universe, but also in understanding that running away from heavy emotions will be a consequence that will always linger in the future, and that having an open mind and an open heart is the key to understanding this universe, and also one another. Understanding that love-loving oneself, the world we live in, each other, is in fact, what creates peace in the depth of our soul. "


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