The Prison of beliefs

Where Science Meets Spirit

Together, we are here to create a whole new world—for ourselves, inside our hearts; for the planet and the people. But it starts with you. To create a new world you must heal your emotional wounds and past trauma, and find your purpose. You must let go of expectations before you can understand what it means to be of service to the world. Together, we will take a journey—the Inner Journey. The most valuable, beautiful, rewarding journey you could ever make to the inner peace, love, and happiness you came to experience. A way out of the traps of society and cultural filters. A way out of depression, stress or anxiety. A way to let go of the deepest-rooted fears that keep you stuck in place.

In this book, Ahmed Lotfy has compiled the opinions and studies of doctors, physicists, religious and spiritual gurus, and psychologists to identify what life is truly about. Are science and religion one, or are they two different things? Does God exist, or is He an indoctrinated concept? Do we really understand religion, or is it an accumulation of cultural programming and misinterpretations? This eye-opening exploration of these topics and others such as near-death experiences and quantum physics will guide you toward experiencing your consciousness in the best way you know how.

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