A Spirit Begets Dreams

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Artwork 'A Spirit Begets Dreams' made for 'Beyond the Prison of Beliefs' by Yousef Bahzad

Why are we continually detaching from the spirit source within us? The confinement of our worldly senses compels us to surrender to the falsehood of our limited minds. We believe that visual reality is only within the range of what our eyes can see. Do we ever question what's behind the veil? Do we ever wonder why whales, for instance, have more extensive auditory frequencies and capture sound waves we can't hear? So what's beyond our tactile senses? Why does every creation experience life subjectively? From where do dreams come? But more importantly, why do we dream during sleep?

Dreams, feelings & intuition are imperative inner guides that draw us further into the seductive reality blinded by our perceptions. We've isolated ourselves from everything around us calling out the celestial spirit that reveres our true nature in every fleeting moment. All the fundamentals of this magical world have been methodically & conscientiously planned down to its most exquisite, minutest detail for one reason, that of which we persistently dismiss, and refuse to remember. The universe is portraying endless hints of extraordinary visuals representing kaleidoscopic geometry wherever we look. These visuals governed by Fibonacci's laws glue together numerous patterns of creation devised of limitless details perfectly integrated to shape a living proof of the divine prowess in the most distinct forms. These patterns are just waiting to be noticed, waiting to be pondered and understood by the one creation for whom everything was created, Humankind. Unfortunately, most of nature's master designs are overlooked, unacknowledged, or undervalued. We seek truth in all the wrong places, although all we need to do is bring awareness to our senses and dreams, through reflection. We need to open our minds outwards, and inwards, to promote understanding and introspection, accept the differences that make each one of us unique yet similar, and have faith as to why we exist. It is through these promises that we can sincerely begin understanding the endorsed nature of consciousness and its designer.

We all see plants, flowers, and trees almost daily. By looking more closely into their leaves, we'll observe that the venation of each leaf shapes very sophisticated patterns that are complete. Divine designs that may have never been so accurate without deliberation and meticulous consideration to details. Nature never fails to present itself majestically in all landscapes across the globe throughout the four seasons; From the changing colors of leaves to the never-ending cycle of birth, death, and re-birth, and the interconnection of every atom in the environment contributing to this cycle of life. In winter snowflakes made up of floaty, but frozen water particles come together forming hexagons. They always grow into peculiar structures that are never repeated. Their patterns are myriad and infinite; even the best of artists can't anticipate them. How come we never encounter one replicated design of any creation in existence? It never occurred before with anything in nature. With inexhaustible creativity, it would be purposeless to replicate designs. Not a single natural establishment in the whole sphere of existence is a duplicate of anything preceding it or any which will ever come after.

The promises of spring buried beneath the ice of winter sprout its way out through fresh leaves, cherry blossoms, and a season of hidden animals. Nature blooms once again. In the summer, one can still contemplate the miraculous nature of our physical reality through grains of sand. If you examine every grain under a microscope, you'll never find a twin similar in size, color, or shape. The characteristics of each grain are incredibly unusual, unique & an intricate piece of art. It'll make you view deserts in a way you've never perceived before. Deserts hold so much beauty in them with every grain of sand covering the earth bed in countless layers. There are billions of sand grains on this planet alone, and an infinite number of planets in the universe with billions of sand grains on every one of them. And on each spatial body, every sand grain is unique. Now apply that outlook on everything in existence. Every line and curve amalgamate to mold every animal skin pattern, tree trunk, and leaf veins in plants.

In fall, it's time for the cycle to come to an end. Nature doesn't resist that change; it doesn't try to stop it. Leaves fall gracefully instead of trying to turn back the clock. Nature doesn't give much thought about things going back to how they were. That's not how life works. Letting go is always the hardest part, but life goes on whether we like it or not. It's through the pain of losing everything built throughout a cycle that makes one grow; it's as if nature knows that hard times will follow. And through these hard times, it'll find its way to thrive again in spring. So it dances to the universe's tune.

Everything is special and unique. Nothing is random or out of control. Everything happens with the full consideration of the consequences, including one of the creators most formidable, supreme, and sophisticated creation yet to exist, the Human Being. Human life cycles are no different than nature. We go through moments of happiness, joy, surprise, sadness, depression, and we repeat. Don't get stuck at any stage because nothing lasts forever. Keep on growing, fall in love, fall hard, make mistakes, learn from them, and when life hurts you (and it will), always remember that hurt and embrace it. Then get up on your feet and create a positive butterfly effect out of what you've learned from that pain. It's through the hurt that you'll shed another layer of you and leave behind your old self. The old self dies, and nothing becomes the same again. Only to give room for new leaves to grow back.

Human Beings possess the same physical characteristics, but none are identical. Moreover, everyone is in a continual state of metamorphosis. Twins are never exactly similar either. There are subtle variances which make each twin unique, and if you look closely at their physical features, you'll discover more and more differences. Even within our blood, there is an absence of repetition. Each one of your fingers has a discrete & complex print pattern that sway together in a parallel figure skating fashion that doesn't interfere with each other. These patterns are unrepeated in you or in anyone else. Your irises are not the same replicas, and their blueprint is only yours. Our eyes are the gateway to the soul, which mirrors nebulae in the darkness of space. A nebula throws out cosmic dust by the explosion of a dying star, such as a supernova, only to form newborn stars in our humanoid eyes. A proof of how we're a microcosm of the vast cosmos is through the curiosity of those sparkling dreamy marbles contemplating what's beyond the two ends of a telescope. The dimples or wrinkles you get when you smile depicts the ocean waves, caused by the highs and lows of life the same way gravitational waves are set in motion by invisible & mysterious impacts in space. Or the way you talk, the tone of your voice, your grander-than-life thoughts, your dispersed emotions, your body language, how you perceive the world, how you feel about life, and most importantly... the way you love: are all means that make your spirit an unmatched one. No one can replace you. Everything about you makes you an unsurpassed masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the wrong people have designed social perceptions we call "norms." We live in a time where a good person is indistinguishable from the bad. The history amongst people can be a dangerous thing; we don't know where the truth lies any more. When that happens, remind yourself of who you are. You are a being of love. We are love and light expressions in a human body. Our difficulties and worldly challenges create blockages and clouds around this light, dimming its brightness. We need to clear it off our windshields to shine ever so brightly. Not all stars shine as bright in distant galaxies from where we stand. That's because the space in between is obscured by cosmic dust, revolving planets, light-year distances of meteors, asteroids, spatial bodies, and black holes. But in essence, they are all similar in brightness and energy the minute you get closer to them. That's your source! So always re-connect with yourself, and your heart will always direct ships to shore. It takes one raindrop to make us believe in love, and eternity to truly fall out of it! It takes one baby, a kitten, or a puppy to share an unwavering devotion that extends love for as long as you are breathing, and onto the next generation. It's the birth of a new life that ignites love once again and instills hope in us. Life is all about love, and newborn spirits are tiny pieces of it expanding, reproducing and dispersing exponentially. It takes love to wake up at 4 am after a late-night sleep to watch the sunrise with a loved one. It takes love to withstand long distances, time, and avoid temptations like they don't even exist. Love is made up of many small bits of affinity. It is made up of constant reminders of good memories, and the little things that accumulate to build an exquisitely deep feeling that changes the rhythm of your heartbeat altogether.

All aside, do you know what truly makes you a remarkable one-of-a-kind creation? It's the fact that you are not just any masterpiece; you are the only masterpiece amongst all other species that reflect on other masterpieces. You are an artwork that attempts to recreate other works of art through painting, photography, science, and even bring about creative novel ones through music, dancing, and writing. You are the only establishment for whom this entire cosmos was designed. So don't let that fact pass you by. Value everything that comes in your direction or sets sail in separate ways. And most importantly extract yourself from the noise of the metropolitan city, and try to blend with the serenity of nature as often as possible, and remember that a connection with the creator spirit always happens through constant remembrance & reflection. That will eventually instigate unconditional love for everything and everyone around you, thus create meaning and illuminate many lives. Always remember that we are supposed to be dreamers, not realists. It's through optimistic dreaming we manage to create a life experience that counteracts a pessimistic world, balancing it out. So dream more often, make meanings out of your dreams, and you'll attract more of it. It's through dreams that the process of creative creation occurs. Don't be on the other side of the balance, and I promise you if the world of Alice in wonderland is possible in our minds, then you can manifest awe-inspiring feelings into your mundane experiences.


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