A Trip to the Heart of Consciousness (DMT Experience)

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Facing the dark truth about yourself is the most stringent labor on oneself, the scariest encounter you can imagine, but the most rewarding experience a human soul can undergo. It is no joke, it's reprogramming your spirit, changing your brain chemistry, opening your creativity dimension, and unveiling a realm beyond words. There is no price tag on what you learn in the process! You have to go through your own life review, a severe re-evaluation, and your whole priorities will be re-shuffled, adjusted, and re-aligned to truly be of service to humanity and anything but the material world.

Preparation is key. Set (mindset) and setting (intentions of the group forces) are essential for the experience to manifest into a pleasant one. The information and the spirits you get in contact with reveal your breakthroughs. However, there are strenuous phases you must go through. There is no escape from that. The journey at first, (and that's the scary part) forces you to shed mental blockages, past emotional traumas, spiritual afflictions and a set of accumulated discordant beliefs. Then you face your absolute worst fears, and it manifests into energies and entities that you perceive as inner demons.

You regress into the past and relive everything that's holding you back. It's like all your sinful traits shape into a life form; whether it's pride, lust, envy whatever it may be manifest into magnified visual, sensual and auditory energies, and you get stuck in a tug of war between your soul and ego. Your soul becomes merciless by trying to kick everything that harms your essence out. Your ego counters by holding onto your inner demons because that's part of who you are! That's all you know about your self. When you purge, it feels like an exorcism, like demons are rushing out of your body. You can hear dark energy whispers, growls and screams; they're mocking you and fighting with you, so you don't let go! When these dark energies leave your body, you purge black sticky tar (I have no clue what that was).

By letting go, you have to accept death, of your ego. It's an excruciating, but liberating experience! You have to die for soul flight to occur, and your ego won't let that happen because your human body is all what it knows about reality. What you don't know beyond existence is just unfamiliar to your ego. It's as if the effects of DMT is convincing your mind that you are actually dying, but your body is resisting it. However, once you purge all the harmful ailments out, your ego has nothing to hold on to, and your mind tricks your body into physical death (That's what occurs in a near-death-experience). At this point you encounter ego-death. Your consciousness advances somewhere else after that. You realize death isn't really what we think it is. It is not the end. Your mind convinces your body that you have indeed died simply because your spirit/consciousness gets access to an "unfamiliar dimension."

You travel through this cosmic tunnel at the speed of light, and on that journey, you feel your body at first turns to light or energy vibrations, then you dissolve into cosmic dust. You realize you weren't really traveling, but your soul technically exists everywhere simultaneously. Then you seamlessly feel, and with zero control over a grasp of reality, that everything you know about our material world slips away. First, your thoughts disappear, feelings and emotions disintegrate, then time collapses, then the material world and reality as we know it... Poof! They fade away just like that.

You are not in your human body anymore. And that's not who you are. It's not what we are! You tune into one stream of consciousness, one vibrational energy pool. A place I now call home. From there, you witness the creation of the universe. How everything was formed, how your mind glues together the reality we live in, how it creates these borders and limitations, and how these "entities" show your purpose & ultimately the message you need to recognize and remember. Energies are real, and they are more real than what our eyes can observe. The power of negative thought can attract and draw the darkest energies to you. Setting your mind to positive thoughts manifests into beautiful visuals of paradise, and you witness these energies in visual form, it's inexplicable. You interact with 'beings' or 'entities' that telepathically transfer profound messages (from some alternate universe) and send specific knowledge to fix your priorities as well as your understanding of reality. This message is not in human language. You make sense of the message through telepathy, euphoric feelings, celestial music, beautiful vivid colors, out-of-body experience, and infinitely animated patterns that depict Fibonacci's sequence of perfection reflected throughout various life-form creations on earth, space, and beyond. The same way something instinctively clicks when you admire soul-touching art, listen to spirit-moving music, feel heart-inspired emotions, and ponder beauty in nature and selfless souls.

So who are we? If we are not our bodies, thoughts, or emotions, then what is the soul made of? Energy? Light? Breath? Who knows? All you know is that you exist. You are consciousness, love, light, energy, and life! Anything else is an illusion that your ego creates by instilling fear to separate your identity from what's real. There's a deliberation in that, and it's the creation of polar dichotomies so one can truly appreciate the meaning of life. Yin & Yang.

It's not like the message was initially absent, and then it's implanted. You feel all the layers that covered your soul slowly getting peeled, and you finally reach what was already embedded somewhere deep within you...your purest essence. Quintessential energies flow out of you in an infinitely creative manner. It's unstoppable and seductive in nature. Sharing love and beauty becomes an exquisitely radiating passion and an exclusive purpose. It's the answer that everyone needs and craves, the endless capacity to love and be loved. It's as if an extraordinarily intense (and new) part of your brain's neuronal system has been unlocked and activated. You can feel every cell in your body and relate to its function and mission.

You are sober and in this powerful state of trance, or zen. Nothing matters, no matter what occurs. You instinctively know that there's a strong sense of deliberation/purpose in everything, in every second of the day. Your intuition becomes ever so strong, and you surrender to that. Whether it's good or bad, we shouldn't experience extreme emotions. At that state you're not too excited, not too happy and not too sad; not in a wicked way, but in a way that you're existing and being in the present moment with no worries whatsoever about what will transpire now and then. You are literally nowhere with no physical identity... yet you are present. Time is not linear anymore, and everything that is supposed to have occurred or yet to happen is designed in a very particular way to serve a bigger purpose. You feel like everything that has already happened blends with the present and future, so you stop comprehending the whole point of time, and where you stand in that spectrum. We will never be able to grasp the bigger picture or the extremity of life's ultimate purpose.

Our mind is very limited, and it struggles to find a single meaningful purpose, let alone the purpose of all humankind individually or as a whole. For a brief moment though, you're tuned into this river of unified consciousness, unified purpose! One universal language, one universal religion... a universal spirit. And you feel that energy of unity. You feel the vibrational escrow where you are actually one with everything in existence. It's an overwhelming sensation that pours love, peace, and wholeness into your soul in infinite amounts so much so it's too much to handle it then explodes out of you in blistering cosmic waves that sew and bind you together with every atom, and you abruptly become everything in existence. The feeling imitates the Big Bang's sequence. There's a sudden and powerful realization that you are a microcosm, a reflection of the universe. Human beings are indeed a representation in miniature of the cosmos. The correspondence between the Universe, God, and man, between microcosm and macrocosm, is real.

You tap into this realm where you feel like you are part of a more significant puzzle piece. For a brief moment, you get access to every single information and knowledge in the universe. Unfortunately, this moment is way too short and when it slips away; it becomes very frustrating because there is no time to grasp everything you want to know about existence. You can't wrap your mind around the purpose of every living soul because it's so vast, unique, and tailored to every spirit. You briefly witness the world from the eyes of every soul, and you also see how the world perceives you. You become intertwined with an endless pool of spirits. However, you also realize we are not meant to know everything, and we should live in peace with that. You understand how grateful we should be to have a human experience in a unique human body. How thankful we should be to be breathing. How grateful we should be to have one another, and be able to communicate. We are life, and life only knows one thing...'just keep on going.'

God has no label; labels limit our understanding of God. The same goes for words and various languages, what does it mean to be Muslim, Christian, Jew, or Buddhist? These are linguistic labels depicting a set of beliefs, barriers, and connotations tied to them. God has no language, no labels, and no limitations; all religions lead to the same 'God.' Unlimited souls join the world of ego telepathically through the evolution of consciousness; hence, our collective dream states and shared mystical experiences. One ancient stream of consciousness crafted everything we know out of cosmic dust. We see different wisdom teachings step towards realizing the self and ultimately divine love. The ultimate truth is one. Love is the answer. Different "religions" might teach different rules and local traditions, but a wise soul sees the truth; their revelations extract the essence. No one is wrong; everyone lives their own personalized truth and reality; simply because we are exposed to different experiences we call "life." Revelations through messengers, prophets, masters, and spiritual gurus are guides that reflect the truth of our oneness. The universe is one consciousness reflected in an eluded sense of separation.

Solving conflicts, hatred, divisions, and wars can only be done through the realization that no one is wrong; no one is really different. That is just an illusion created by our egos. Everyone looks at the same truth but from a different angle. Unity can only happen when differences are set aside, and we focus our whole being on the energy field of love, not the details that lead to it. As we all know, the devil is in the details. If one belief system is not going to strive for the ultimate universal mission of unity, and instead encourages division, then its a dysfunctional interpretation of a system that has been disoriented, distorted and disconnected from the initial message of its revered messenger.

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