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Updated: Oct 9, 2019


Awakenings radio is a converging flow of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Empowerment, Holistic Health, Healing, Science, Transformational focus, Art, Music & Culture. In life, we come together from many different directions and different points of view yet we meet in the intersection of this converging flow to create and express and in some cases to assist in mapping the out-picturing of the expressions of Awakening. 
It is in the expression of this flow that we reveal and reflect our individual and collective Awakenings.

Awakenings is the place for awakening conversations with artists, musicians, metaphysicians, spiritually minded people and progressive thinkers in their own fields that are waking up, are awake and awakening more and revealing and reflecting their awakening through various means—political, spiritually, through their music, art and way of being in the world. All have the common thread of an awakening and being inspired to do something with this new level of being
 Awakenings is a focal point of awareness; of realizing and living your True nature. It is a forum where artist, spirituality, and transformation through creative channels merge and are expressed.  Awakenings is the space for highlighting conscious artists, visionaries, musicians, and all other forms of art, healing, and self--expression.

Awakenings, as with all internet radio has a very targeted audience and listener base to the topics that are covered. Awakenings is a featured show on blogtalkradio.com due to it’s high ranking guests and content and consistent large listener base. Even though Awakenings has only been broadcasting via blogtalkradio.com since July 2008 it ranks in the top 3 shows in the category of “Spirituality”.  Usually ranking # 1- 2. Awakenings also streams live via cosmisdimensionstalk.com

Awakenings is in top 10 of Itunes.

Perhaps in no other time in history, are we facing such major shifts in our individual and collective consciousness. Old belief systems, outdated socio-political structures, and shifting paradigms are giving way to a more expansive way of living and being in the world. AWAKENINGS is a timely relaying of essential information, insights, inspiration, and tools for transformation and awakening for spiritual unfoldment. This weekly radio program features interviews with spiritual teachers, healers, special guests, and people of all walks of life that are awakening and integrating this awakened state into their everyday lives. Michele, known by many as the "Modern Mystic", sheds light and awareness in how we all are walking the same path in different ways and various forms.  We all are teachers and students and continue to grow. In the words Buddhist teachings it is said: "It is best to always have 'Beginners Mind'. For it is then, that we can truly see clearly.

Michele has a background and training as a TV and Radio host. With Michele’s background in TV hosting and Transpersonal Psychology, she creates the perfect environment to bring the perspective of conscious living to the medium of radio.

Keep Awake

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