'Beyond the Prison of Beliefs' Officially Released

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Beyond the Prison of Beliefs

'Beyond the Prison of Beliefs' is officially released! The book is available on Amazon. 'See-the-inside' of the book to get an idea of what it is all about. You can order the hard copy, which is distributed to over 170 countries; or get your e-book copy straightaway. You can also find it in Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Goodreads, Apple ibook, Gardners, eSentral, Scribd, Ciando, BookShop, and Indie Bound. Below is a summary of 'Beyond the Prison of Beliefs: Where Science Meets Spirit':

What is the purpose of existence? Are we free spiritual beings? What is the essence of the soul? Is there more to the universe than the eyes can see? Where is God? What does Near Death Experiences and quantum physics teach us? Is letting go of fears the answer to our spiritual healing and gateway to our inner journey of conscious awakening and enlightenment? All these questions are overwhelmingly complex to answer; they are mysterious enigmas that have long baffled the human mind and made each one of us question reality at a particular stage of our lives. Arguably, every person has had at least one of these paradoxes occupy a notable amount of their time and often decided to either ratify or refute their validity. If you’re eager to piece together the most mystifying puzzle of all time and bring to light the leading dispute of most human quarrels, disagreements, divisions, hatred, and wars since the beginning of time, then you are already on the right path. This book is not designated for science or religion solely but the overlap between them. I have done my best to neutralize my past viewpoints, present notions, and future outlooks so I can build a foundation on a clean-slated knowledge base of findings, introspections, and truth-seeking. I invite you to do the same. I am not alleging that I have the answer; I propose a starting point in the hope that it leads to a common ground of understanding.

Beyond the Prison of Beliefs discusses numerous topics including but not limited to Near Death Experiences (NDE) and its connection to quantum physics, consciousness, the ego-self, the afterlife, the universe, religion, and God. The Inner Journey is explored through spiritual healing techniques and modalities from all over the world encompassing meditation, praying, yoga and herbal medicines that facilitate awareness and enlightenment. Your spiritual healing will undoubtedly be a meaningful one after having a holistic understanding of near-death experiences. The ultimate objective here is to consolidate science with religion and spirituality and to bridge the gap of understanding between believers and non-believers. This book targets both worlds, but specifically, those who believe more in science, and think it’s separate from God, or that spiritual healing is considered pseudoscience/a placebo effect. A lot of controversial views and studies will shed light on different theories explaining life and how it sprouted to create the universe, not the other way around.  

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