Dive into the Mystic

Artwork: 'Dive into the Mystic' by Ahmed A.Lotfy

We're always inclined to want the people close to us to be like us; do we ever wonder how much they want to be different? Do we ever wonder if we are everything they want or need? But to never judge and to love someone the way they are is easier said than done. If we were the same as our parents, how many battles wouldn't we have had to fight, or what could we have learned about life otherwise? Our parents chose to have us, we didn't choose them, and we didn't choose to come into this world, and we grew up believing this is how things should be, choices manipulated by our guardians. We hide in our shells, start questioning life, and wonder when can we start making our own decisions?

Our ancestors shaped and paved our world with concrete streets, high rise walls, national pride, and hopes to become the most prominent living race, but sheltering us from our connection to nature in the process. They chose to make 'fear' their prevailing constitution in life. What followed was an avalanche of structured ideologies that were never questioned. And over time, the avalanche grew so big that it overrides any attempt to challenge the status quo. No one dares to rock the boat without knowing they’d go through the trouble. No one's advised to lead a life of passion. 'Purpose' became a skewed concept, altered to tamper with our understanding of passion and replace it with economic status, social class, and political dominance.

Those who choose to go after their calling or inner gift defy a conventional system that shaped the very foundation of our principles. A system carefully designed to inhibit creativity, passion, and turn us into meat robots. We became enslaved by the preexisting societal values - a path where daily vacations, nature admirations, inner reflections, unique impressions, and unconstrained connections became a luxury instead of a naturally occurring human state. We choose not to see beyond what is presented to us. We no longer have the courage to challenge our beliefs.

Ask some in your social circle why they chose the careers they are in. Ask them why they go to work every day. Ask them what their purpose is. Why do these questions seem so hard to answer for many? And if materialism is the common denominator, then our existence desperately needs deeper questioning. If you can't relate to them, then you refuse to operate on this energy level. But that's only the first step. To transcend this energy field requires an immense level of determination, courage, and perseverance.

Choose to sail off with your soul. Seize every opportunity around you to get closer to your purpose. Believe that you are something big... knowing that even the sky is not your limit. The God within us is unlimited, expanding. Do not limit yourself; do not settle.

Do you believe in God? Is it an unreasonable question? Well, the idea of 'you' and 'I' exists by the will and power of a mysterious force expanding within us and without. We don't have to put a label on it. We know it's there, and the force of nature drives our ability to believe anything.

If we are a puzzle piece, then that 'mysterious expanding force' is the absolute truth, the complete ever-growing picture which does not require belief or worship. Belief is necessary to experience the infinite possibilities that are eternally present in God and emanate from the God within us. Those beliefs are of different sorts, all leading to the same whole picture. In Arabic, 'Allah' is the translation of God, and the literal meaning of that is 'everything and nothing'. Any example of intelligence is a small aspect of God's infinite intelligence; any notion of wisdom is a drop in the ocean of God's exponential wisdom. All the love stories in the world combined do not do justice to the capacity of the infinite love, kindness, generosity, and compassion there is. If we are a microcosm of an expanding universe, then so is every trait we possess. The Universe, worlds, belief systems, and stories are the creative playground of the omnipresent. God is present whether we believe it or not; everything else in existence requires belief as it reflects what our consciousness constructed. God is the only thing that does not need belief. He is pure consciousness.

Start looking for the God within you, not questioning His existence. Strengthen your faith in Him and yourself. Drift away and wonder not how to gain faith but to back up the faith that already exists in you. Float away with your faith; do not search for it. God is a reflection of you, love that reflection, and you'll love yourself more, admire His intelligence, and you'll attain it yourself. Ponder His creative prowess and creativity will flow into you and through you. He is your mirror; you get to choose which traits you will adopt and the extent and depth these traits will go.

Sometimes I wonder, who knows God the most? And how do I define an 'unidentified entity' versus how do others define it? How much do they reflect this very definition in their day-to-day actions, and how much of that reflects onto us? How close are we? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? How close are we to the infinite? How close are we (in absolute terms) to love, honesty, generosity, compassion, creativity, or intelligence? How close are we to the truth? The truth is we are nowhere near it; no one can wrap their minds around the vastness of the Universe expanding in light-years. Only our hearts can access the kingdom of God. That is worship. Worship is not blindly following something you don't comprehend just because it was ordained on you. Rather, worship is the forgotten act that draws us closer to the all-present.

Artwork: 'The God Within You' by Ahmed A. Lotfy

Make sure you dig deep, deep into history, religion, and humankind. Search for patterns, identify flaws, misinterpretations, and blind beliefs. We bind faith when it's supposed to be boundless. We set a timeline for a timeless universe. We brag about our limited understanding of the afterlife and judgment when we can't even decipher the fundamentals of our conscious experiences. We follow subjective interpretations of the unknown, which is what prophets and spiritual leaders came to remind us. They got closer to the divine presence within them more than any other. They provided us with tailored scriptures and aimed for individual development rather than controlling the mass through fear. The term worship should not be understood as fearing wrath for failing to abide by a set of strict rules. It's quite the opposite; it instills courage, faith, and hope in the hearts of those who believe in something grandiose. This term was manipulated by rulers that very well understood the immense power of faith on human souls. Worship is the process of surrendering to the God within you by accessing His Kingdom through your heart.

Worship is like a tug of war - a continuous inner battle between remembrance and giving up on the divine. The term worship does not mean kneeling before the presence of something more significant and greater than us. Put this way, it places the human soul in a suboptimal position, and may even sound condescending to certain people. Worship does not require any physical or mental efforts, like the wild gorillas observed by Jane Goodall. They perform what seems to be a dance ritual when gazing at a majestic waterfall before them as if worshipping their image of God.

Worship is the forgotten acts of contentment or satisfaction with what life threw your way regardless of good or bad. It's the inner peace within you that remains unshaken, no matter how tough the circumstances become. It's the practice of altruism and reparation, even if it's just sweet words you spread or share to win people's hearts or make their day. Worship is helping people in need, setting pure intentions, sharing knowledge to the fullest so others can benefit from what you know, being optimistic, merciful, uplifting, generous, honorable, loyal, honest, and kind.

Worship is ignoring what does not concern you, not interfering with matters that can only lead to mistrust, which in turn cause you emotional or physical suffering. It's being patient with those who brought you pain; perhaps one day they'll understand you (remember that it may just not be their time). Worship is making sure you refrain from hurting anyone as an act of revenge and, nevertheless, staying strong and confident. It is also making a conscious effort to stop rumors, whether they are right or wrong, and not actively partaking in spreading them even if you're asked.

People will start appreciating you, and will start questioning their motives when you respond to their cruelty with kindness, not once, not twice, but every single time. This requires immense power and a deep well of love, forgiveness, and kindness that have to be cultivated regularly. It does not occur overnight. Bringing happiness to the hearts of the people around you does not require much, but negligence can easily overtake the good. So bring your awareness to worship through tenderness, smiling, a simple handmade gift, service, food/drink offerings, or sharing kind words, and following the innocence of your heart's passions.

Hiding the exuberance of life in our hearts doesn't sit well with us. Although it fuels our creative process, it's a far cry to live life mindfully. We can't really imprison our desires; this may lead to one of two outcomes: desolation or an explosion of hope and a carefree existence. Hold the flagship of passion up high, look for those who are not distracted by society, and neutralize the lies that have been passed down from one generation to another, no matter how much resistance you encounter or how long it takes. Be patient. Liberation is possible! Take the matter into your own hands; this is a call to arms. Convert that pain to art. Painting bits of divinity on a plain canvas can accumulate, making our entirety a meaningful masterpiece.

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