DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

It took me a while to figure out how to write this article without losing the science crowd. Science is as important as faith, and the only way we'd be able to reach a proper understanding of life is to consolidate science and faith. DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a gateway to that common-ground of understanding.

Plants containing DMT, such as Ayahuasca, have been used by tribes in spiritual practices for thousands of years now. Scientists, however, have just recently jumped into the rabbit hole and onto dimensions that they never believed to exist. DMT is a natural substance produced by our vital organs and in our brain (pineal gland). Studies have shown that DMT is responsible for our near-death-experiences, dream states, and any kind of mystical or out of body experience that we may encounter.

The Ayahuasca brew imitates this process, and it unlocks parts of your brain that enhances your creativity, openness, and understanding by removing years of cultural programming, conditioning and societal filters that had infected our souls. It doesn't only connect you to your spirit, but for many people, it's an instant cure for depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, addictions (including but not limited to smoking, alcohol, heroin etc.).

Before you question its validity and my credibility, please check this link out. All the studies at Johns Hopkins regarding DMT are published here I can't imagine a more reliable source than the reputable Johns Hopkins Hospital. Now if this molecule exists, why is it hidden? Why is it not common? Keep reading to find out...

DMT: The Spirit Molecule - and why it's banned? The War on Consciousness and who benefits?

You can either watch the video above or if you prefer just continue reading. I have spelled out what Graham Hancock talks about in this video.

"Our society is absolutely designed to shut down 90% of the potential of the human creature. Why should it be the case that society is afraid of realizing human potential? And what it comes down to is special interests that there are those who run things in society and that there are those who are there to kind of serve them and serve their ends and serve their needs and so. What our society has created is a realm of unquestioning meat robots who will perform their daily tasks without complaining and without causing any trouble. That may be very useful to a certain small interest groups, but it's extremely damaging to the rest of humanity! Once we realize our potential, we don't need elites anymore.
Who needs elites - who needs to be led? This is another revelation that comes from working with psychedelics; is that we do not need leaders! They are not over us, telling us what to do. They may imagine that that's what they're doing, but they have no right to do that, and the moment we begin to wake up and start asking really profound questions about the nature of reality and about society that we live in, their power is instantly diminished. I think that's why we've seen such vigor and real nasty unpleasantness put into this horrible wicked thing called the 'war on drugs' which is being an excuse to enter the inner sanctum of people's lives. See, if i am not sovereign over my own consciousness, if i can't make free choices about my own consciousness, while doing no harm to others then I am not free in any useful or meaningful sense. And the moment that I free myself, i become a danger to those who run things in the world. Anybody, who has been led to question the nature of things profoundly as a result of psychedelics is a danger of the status QUO.
We risk being thrown in prison, we risk having our reputations destroyed, if the powers that be enter our home and find that we're using psychedelics. I mean this is really an Orwellian World that we've created! How dare some guy in a suit, sitting in government tell me what to do with my consciousness! While at the same time, they're allowing the glorification and glamorization of alcohol, which is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet! I mean alcohol is a seriously dangerous drug! Whether you're talking about cirrhosis of the liver, or whether you're talking about traffic accidents, or violence; alcohol, there's no doubt about it, no body can dispute, is an extremely dangerous drug! So a society that says alcohol is okay, and you can even advertise it, but psilocybin or DMT are not okay, and if you use them you'll be sent to prison; that society is just riddled, through and through with unbelievable hypocrisy! We have to bring that out, we have to show people this is the case, because what's going on here is a fundamental abuse of human rights. We must be free to make decisions over our own consciousness. Always with the proviso, that we do no harm to others. And any government, any state agency that attempts to limit our freedom over our consciousness, is itself an agency of darkness and control.
I think one of the wonders of these medicines, of DMT, is that they re-connect us to spirit, and if there is anything that is desperately needed in modern industrial technological society is a reconnection to spirit. That's what's missing, that absence of spirit is why there is so much pain in the world today and why people are willing to inflict so much suffering on one another. Once we reconnect with spirit we realize that we're an intrinsic part of a human family. What the psychedelics are showing us is that we're all members of one family of consciousness and that they strip away all the trivial s***, like the color of our skin, or the country in which we're born or the legal system under which we grew up. They strip that away and they bare the soul because my God! It is a mystery to be alive at all, to have experiences, to have our senses, to fall in love, to be engaged in the world, all of that if you think about it. I mean, where did we come from? We're born in these bodies, we grow up in a family, we go out there in the world we take it all for granted but it's a giant mystery from beginning to end.
These psychedelics are agents of liberation! I am not saying they're all perfect and wonderful - but are they agents of liberation that lead us to ask questions that we would have never have asked before? Yes, absolutely. Do they lead us to want to be better human beings? Yes absolutely. Do they lead us to see the faults and crack lines in our society which have been so carefully papered over? Yes absolutely. And as a result there has been a concerted effort to suppress this growth of freedom. But you know what? It's not going to work, that effort is failing, people are waking up all over the world. Not fast enough yet, not in large enough numbers; but it's happening, it's a small flame. It's growing and it's going to continue to grow. Humanity will move forward in a positive course. I am absolutely sure that psychedelics have a great role to play in that journey."

If you would like to know more about DMT: The spirit molecule, start by watching the second video (a banned TedX talk by Graham Hancock) and then the AudioVisual Podcast by Joe Rogan below that. I think this will be a great start and a slow transition in comprehending the topic.

The point made above by Graham Hancock is that if people do realize the power of these plant medicines, if they do recognize that they can instantly cure themselves from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and addictions; then imagine the adverse impact this will have on cash-cow organizations? I am talking about all the major pharmaceuticals, cigar companies, food & alcohol industries, hospitals, and any institution that support the alteration of consciousness. It's a legit threat! And it's evident that there is indeed a war going on to suppress and bury these plants; thus it will be fought against vigorously.

If you open any documentary shown on mainstream channels about DMT, you'll understand how much they make it seem like a significant threat and danger to our health. But then you'd notice many individuals post material about their positive life-changing experiences, as well as the scientific studies available on the internet at your disposal. Many people just choose not to read or search for the truth and argue for the sake of resisting what is different from their beliefs and personal interests.

I will be sharing more posts about the implications of DMT, and why you need to learn more about it. Eventually, once you get a well-rounded opinion about the matter, you'll be able to decide what to do and where to start next. Please be cautious and mindful of your sources, and when you research this topic bear in mind that most mainstream media are attacking these substances for apparent reasons: The possible downfall of the current system that glorifies prescription drugs, promotes alcohol, junk food, and all other mind-altering substances that prevent you from reaching your True Essence.

Many medically licensed centers in South America and Costa Rica are currently promoting DMT and Ayahuasca to bring about spiritual enlightenment, mental and physical cures, and many more immediate positive health effects. So trust that this platform has no intention other than shedding light on a guaranteed human betterment, and a consciousness that lies within and beyond you, waiting to be awakened. Re-connecting with your spirit is a sign of true healing, and when you heal yourself, you help heal those around you and ultimately change how we view the world.

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