Infinite Power of '1'

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

No one knows what is waiting for them around the corner. Conflicts rage across the globe, splitting nations into many fragments, continually creating new borders, flags, races, cultures, and religions. This notion takes place as a result of our fears from the 'other,' we humans tend to be afraid of the unknown more than death itself. Fear from what 'they' believe, and the dangers 'they' may bring. Fear of those who are different, thus our egos divide us even more day by day. Meanwhile, the world is revolving to counteract the chaotic energy created by such mysterious forces ripping apart the very fabric of space and time. Our essence is being distorted by entities that thrive on controlling, imposing regulations, instilling fear, and creating divisions & boundaries that were once made to be broken. Listen — the energy surge beneath your feet, and it's accumulating as time passes by. We need to recover from that state of blindness. We need to rise to a state that unifies the world's consciousness. Awakening on a universal scale — where many factions, cultures & religions merge symbiotically to create one cosmic bond, bringing its messengers, bearers, and followers together, capturing the strength & wisdom of every view, thought, emotion and sincerest belief. We need to look at the stars and believe the signs that can lift us to the point that brings the mightiest glow to our eyes. We need to take charge and responsibility to illuminate our lives like a lighthouse guiding lost ships; like a pulsar lighting up space: blistering with life, energy, and passion that never collapses; like a powerful quasar emitting energy more than it loses — hence attracting surrounding stars right into your immense gravitational 'black hole' of infinite beauty, art, and wisdom.

We shall come to an understanding with each other, and we will hold on to the moments. Many lives will come together to become homogeneously one. It all starts with this prime number, and infinity follows. Only one is required to create change within, and beyond. One is omnipresent and like a newborn child, utterly unique. When one finds another, the power of merging two aligned and exceptional minds forms synergy and harmony that levels with the universe's vibration. It takes two dominos to trigger that ripple effect. It takes two to share experiences, dreams, and hopes for a better future. When two bonds merge alchemically, they revolve amongst each other in an infinite figure of 8. Everlasting in time & boundless in intensity, love absorbs and hypnotizes its prospects with grace and awakening like the birth of a new soul. Love never ceases to stop even after physical separation. Harrowing emotions eventually turn to ashes, and you are only left with bittersweet memories. Then you suddenly recognize the beating of the heart. It's that pulse that gets carried onto a million generations. When one heartbeat stops, somewhere else in the world it's born; and this continues in a perpetual cycle. Imagine a world without patterns, pulses, sequences, signs, paths, purpose, or structure; an unbalanced world torn apart by random mayhem. Imagine there is no order, culture, intuition, love, peace, or happiness.

Every single person on this planet sporadically strives to achieve one ultimate's absolute peace of mind and happiness. We do the things we do and go about our days in pursuit of this holy grail. What does absolute happiness mean? Is it abundant Money? Power? Fame? Or simply hope for an honest future. On the contrary, absolute happiness means living and breathing alone is considered happiness. Being alive regardless of life's circumstances is the definition of lasting happiness. It is the divine respiring seed that emerges from what's buried deep within our spirit. It's the fire ignited when you almost accidentally discover your passion, unconditionally help someone in need, spend some time spreading kindness with no expectations of anything in return, or an innocent glance into the eyes of a loved one for the very first time. It's the ability to accept what life throws at you and to be content nevertheless. This is called 'absolute' as external situations do not influence it.

On the other hand, relative happiness is what you experience as a result of life's spoils and riches. It's the material welfare of our physical realm and the byproduct of our efforts. Causality. The principle of cause and effect. I did, therefore i should get. Setting expectations is what makes happiness relative. It's relative because it depends on what you get in return for your inputs. We are happy when we are in good health: which is a result of a healthy lifestyle. We are on cloud nine when we are with a beautiful and intelligent partner: which is a result of seeking love, stability, building a family, and ultimately procreating and extending our genetic heritage. We are also content when we have fortunes, prestigious education, power, or social status: which is a result of privileges provided, inherited, or earned. We need to let go of expectations, not welfare. Live a healthy lifestyle, seek love, family, education, wealth, and social recognition. Things won't happen if you disconnect yourself from the noise surrounding you. You'll leave no mark if you choose to disconnect from a dysfunctional society. To leave behind a genuine impression on hearts, you must be part of society - even if it's dysfunctional. Just don't expect anything in return, and magic will happen.

Far too often in our daily lives, we focus our attention on acquiring relative happiness, forgetting the natural order of life and the main reason for our existence. Relative happiness is a byproduct of absolute happiness. You could look at it this way… 'One's successes and victories will not determine one's happiness and welfare… Rather, one's happiness and welfare will determine one's successes and victories.'- anonymous. If you adjust your preset objectives towards something you are absolutely passionate about and love doing regardless of the outcome, and if your innermost core is truly beaming with a specific message, by creating music, art, philosophy, science, literature or any abstract, or concrete knowledge that can benefit generations to come and add on to the human history of achievements: eventually success will follow and material gains will pour in. But that will happen as a byproduct of this passion. Do not make material gains the main reason for what you are doing. You can attract wealth this way of course, but it won't make you happy. If you dedicate your life into accomplishing what your soul enjoys... you will rejoice. And you will find the right channels and attract like-minded people who will lift your wings to higher grounds.

The core values that build to our absolute happiness naming a few are love, inner strength, courage, selflessness, patience, wisdom, forgiveness, and kindness. These are the very same forces that can unite humankind, lead to peace, consolidate our spirits with nature, and sustain our reality. It is the implementation and elevation of these values that equip the human spirit to conquer suffering and transform life's hardships into joy. There is an enormous power that resides within you more than you know or give yourself credit for. It should not be used to revolt or divide. It should be used to unite. You are your best doctor, psychologist, and spiritual guru. Only you hold the true power to facilitate and attract positive change to your life. You will receive all sorts of advice and guidance in the journey, however only you can resolve the path to your absolute happiness. Many believe that good and evil do not exist, only truth and ignorance. "Are those who know, equal to those who do not know?" - Quran, CH39: V9. Your flourishing sense of wisdom will be the art of distinguishing between truth and ignorance.

So how do you go about developing your absolute happiness? There are many natural techniques, therapies, and practices that can expand your consciousness. Expanding your consciousness will help surface all your (positive and negative) emotions as well as thoughts. It'll make you realize that emotions and thoughts are only a product of the mind, bound by your physical body. Consciousness goes beyond the mind and body. It goes beyond 'you.' When you focus on expanding your consciousness, you place yourself on the higher vibrational ground. On higher ground, you will naturally have a better worldview, a bird's view. Once you're up there, you'll see everything for what it is; you'll discover what you need to prioritize, and what is essential to pursue at this stage in life. This can be ever-changing: just like the nature of our expanding universe - it depends on the character, quality, depth of prior experiences, and the person's stage of consciousness and awareness. You'll gain clarity, a horizon-wide vision, and a better understanding of the purpose of our existence.

The word 'purpose' can be confusing, let alone the purpose of life. The most natural shortcut to it is through the process of elimination. Eliminate everything that hinders your growth: including people, mind-altering substances, and negative patterns. Salvage everything that nurtures your soul. You'll probably end up in isolation, but through solitude and silence, you'll find clarity. You'll be left with nowhere to go but towards your eventual journey of true illuminated purpose. Only then you'll find your way. I hope your beautiful soul experiences the purest essence and voyage of life through patience, love, and peace. Always seek truth to unite humankind. And remember that we are all one in an eluded sense of separation. May your days be filled with love, happiness, enlightenment, and true purpose. Count not the years, but the life you live.

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