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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This message is to everyone who have attracted it into their lives, it's to be able to help you know, understand and use the extent and potential of your True Essence... so that you will readily, and very promptly get more of what you desire, and less of what you do not desire.

The knowledge contained in this blog is to help you remember that you can live in your True Essence, as the powerful being that you are, and consciously create and attract the supreme life experience that you absolutely want to live. I'll provide you with some readings, tools, and knowledge you can use to start your inner journey. The first step i would like you to do once you've read this post, is to download the free ebook below "Would you like to Wake up?" and go through it carefully and sincerely.

It is possible to experience a life so great, and consciously shape, and attract everything you DO want, and nothing of what you do not wish to. That means that every part of your life -you will be absolutely content with. Read this blog with an open mind, as you may have attracted it into your life for a sound purpose. I personally believe these words will resonate with the difficulties or circumstances that you are not entirely happy with in your life.

Laws of Attraction

These are the seven ways to attract what you want into manifestation:

An Intense Desire

Boundless Imagination and Conceptualization

Serious Affirmation

Focus with Absolute Confidence

A Profound Belief

Constant Gratitude

Finally... Manifestation

Feeling an Intense Desire For What You Want to attract into your life is the first and most crucial step to identify your purpose and passion. Before you can draw anything or anyone into your life you must really want it. You must feel the fire within. You need this feeling to be compelling, or there is no point in commencing this whole process. It must be an immense and unusual emotion, or you will not even start the process of manifestation. Or worse still, attract the wrong things or people into your life. Free your mind from all the noise you're surrounded with and try to learn how to silence it, so you could finally manage to identify what it is that lies within the core of your being. This fire is inside everyone, but not everyone manages to find it. The only way to do so is to dig deep into yourself.

Have you read 'The Secret'? Did you ever ask why this book became so famous if its instructions weren't working? If it works for some and others not, does the problem lie in your belief or those whom it has actually worked for? If you did read the book, you might remember the man who sat in his chair visualizing, that he owned a brand new car. Yoga Nidra (or guided imagery- works the same way for people who practice it). This concept involved him possessing an immense faith in the sense that he was sitting in his brand new car! The idea was to have a powerful belief in the presence of this new car, that he really believed in its existence.

This is called a conceptualization. As you create an image of what you really desire in your mind, you are applying your imagination to attract it into reality.

Affirmation is using the power of positive affirmations to guide your daily life. The ordinary meaning of the word affirmation is offering positive remarks regularly, about what you would like to become, or own in your life. You really have to be serious about the declarations and believe in them. It DOES work, and you WILL attract what you really want or for that matter what you don't want according to the silent or loud affirmations that you spell out.

Keep your attention intensely focused on the topic and be absolutely confident that whatever it is that you desire will eventually materialize. Always focus on this desire consistently, the more you spend time thinking about it, the faster you'll attract it and bring it into your life.

This is the most important law of all seven listed as it is imperative that you really focus powerfully when you are conceptualizing. Do this on a regular daily basis, consistently, and as often as possible, to accomplish your desires.

In the Abraham Hicks book, 'Ask And It Is Given,' Abraham, discusses what you desire is attracted when reaching a 'vibrational escrow.' She describes several approaches on how to manifest what you desire. Keeping your belief high helps what you wish to shape using the processes outlined above.

It is critical that you keep your faith in accomplishing whatever it is you believe in and have a pure and genuine belief, to bring and manifest it into your reality. Allow yourself to think that you already have what you desired sincerely. It's through this strong feeling that your passion will feed regardless of the consequences. That desire will come into your reality according to how strong it is, and it will occur as a by-product of belief. An even more powerful thing to do is to believe that the thing you desire is already manifested. That it is already a part of your reality. It's not easy to believe in that, especially if you think that this process will work immediately. It's not as simple as imagining something, and a genie with a magic wand will make it happen for you.

What will really happen is that you'll attract the means and tools towards you so that you can execute what you want. You'll notice that you'll draw people, ideas, discussions, tools to use so that you can reach your objective eventually. No one said it'll be easy, and no one said it's not going to take time! Have you ever wondered why someone suddenly walked into your life? Or why a specific situation took place? Did you ever sit back and wonder how many serendipities you encountered? You can either believe and capitalize on these situations and take charge by accepting it is something you can use as a stepping stone to what you want to accomplish. Or you can let it go and go back to square one.

Having an attitude of gratitude is very vital to the process. Being grateful in advance is very important and is a powerful element that will attract the manifestation. Feeling gratitude and heartfelt appreciation every day for the things you already possess creates a strong positive energy field around you, and will only attract more things to you to be grateful for. It's essential to continually fill and feed this energy field with more appreciation and gratitude every single day, as this draws even more of the things you want into your life.

The thing that you immensely desire will become a reality. There is no doubt about that! You just have to be very clear and precise about what it is you really want, that's why writing it down is a beneficial exercise.

I hope you have a wonderful and insightful journey. Till next time...

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