Light Odyssey

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Artwork: 'Light Odyssey' by Ahmed A.Lotfy

The world we live in is a multidimensional projection of an interconnected matrix. Each person we come across is a different version of us, shaking us from the illusion of separation. When separation occurs, we feel the deep surge to re-connect with others again. Attracting desirable people into our life is not about what we want; it's about understanding that we draw into our life the beliefs and behaviors we represent. Therefore this yearning is never going to be healthy unless we learn how to connect with ourselves first. We need to understand the chemistry behind this, and by doing so, we can refer to the very basic chemical reactions of the most fundamental elements we studied. The encounter of two souls is no different from the merge of two chemical substances; after all, we are made of the same atoms. If a reaction is triggered, then both elements are transformed for good—the more vigorous the reaction, the more change and light we see. If there is no reaction, no change occurs to both elements. Frankly, rough rides change us, and unreactive ones keep us stagnant. In moments when we find ourselves locked up, it means that this is an invitation to face our shadows. And if it's painful (and it will be), be sure that a reaction is already taking place. Life is an endless motion of chemical reactions all boiled down to energy that spring from stillness and return to stillness.

Solid substances vibrate at a lower frequency our eyes can detect. Gaseous substances vibrate at a much higher frequency and may or may not be detected by our eyes. But there are more reactions taking place at a much higher frequency than gases that our senses can never detect, and this is the same force that drives sentient beings. This force cannot be controlled or manipulated. Quantum mechanics taught us that the universe doesn't respond well to manipulation; it responds well to love though: an infinite vibrational frequency that is impossible to capture, yet felt by all of us in fractional moments. A force so powerful that it seduces all material subjects to its splendor. The road to this frequency begins with you. Self-love is the starting point. Without understanding our atoms' vibrations, how are we going to grasp the physiological reactions our body creates as a result of our interactions? When we find ourselves in the middle of heated arguments or stuck in the same place, we have to get to the root cause, or else the patterns are going to repeat themselves in endless cycles. Self-care is also choosing not to argue with people who are determined to misunderstand you. Take a step back and try to tackle it from a different angle. Is it love driving the argument, or is it the ego? Is it the need to reach an agreement and setting differences aside, or the need to be right? Is it the need to surrender, or the need to manipulate, coerce, and control? The more you let go of the need to control the outcome, the more the intelligent, self-aware, self-transcendent, self-love field can move through you, and not past you. If you are on a crossroads with this dilemma, you're already so close to a breakthrough! Don't move backward, leap forward instead; it's not easy; it feels like jumping off a cliff, but it's worth it. Real understanding is not the accumulation of knowledge about someone, it is the mutual awakening of consciousness through the activation of love in a multidimensional plane, and this can happen in a split of a second. At this place, your soul already has access to all it needs to know. And it will struggle for a while trying to align your troubled mind with your all-knowing heart. During this process, try to lose yourself. Allow yourself to float in a sunlight odyssey. Then let the moonlight rejuvenate you, and resist the temptation to control every outcome. Let it dance its way into the crack of your heart where you can hear it beat cohesively to the sounds your mind creates. We are latent star seeds awaiting to harness our conscious connection. Look within you. Within you is our hidden God, an immortal soul, gliding in infinite ecstasy. Look within you and firmly grip the happiness you have summoned in cluelessness.

Artwork: 'Gliding in Infinite Ecstasy' by Ahmed A.Lotfy

The universe mysteriously responds to our soul cravings by magically drawing people into our life to answer our questions and help overcome our internal conflicts at a very particular stage in our timeline. We've got to listen and heighten our awareness on every occasion we meet someone new. Ask yourself, why did this person come into my life? Is it a subtle message? Is it a powerful one? Well, listen to your intuition. Your intuition is your inner guide. Every time you follow it, your vibration intensifies. This can be analogous to turning up the volume on the radio; the more your vibration is amplified, the more you draw likeminded individuals into your life who carry potent messages for you. It is universal. People with untethered souls don't randomly appear in our lives. Once we begin our journey towards higher vibrational conduct and let go of everything that weighed us down spiritually, we'll naturally start aligning the heart and mind. You see, the heart and mind are never supposed to conflict; they never were for the sake of it. The constant battle they face with each other is for reciprocality, and ultimately synchronization. In the tough times we're currently experiencing, the energies coming at you are so powerful, it'll force anything that is not 'love' to the surface for healing. What you see in the people you choose to surround yourself with is the projection of your own level of consciousness. Honor and respect it, understand it, and communicate with it. Lack of communication can ruin everything because instead of comprehending how the other person is feeling, we end up assuming their thoughts, and creating a deluded reality that can manifest itself into existence. Higher affection, better communication, and honesty can propagate a stronger connection. If the connection weakens then one or more of those are not enforced properly.

If you intend to stay with someone, stay for good, and act on it decisively. If you decide to leave, then do it today, don't procrastinate. When it's time to change, change for the better. So when you speak, make sure you mean what you say and live by your true authentic self. Stand firm and grounded in your truths, and don't allow yourself to be pulled into the storms of those around you who still have learnings to do. Focus on your own lessons. Let go of past emotional traumas and excess baggage that weigh on your shoulders. And remember, if energy is neither created or destroyed, then everything you will ever desire (or don't) already exists. It's a matter of adjusting the channel to what you want. Don't overthink what people say or think of you. You are what you are, so keep doing what you do as no one is walking your walk. Don't talk the walk, but walk it. It's as simple as that. Don't expect anything and learn to accept everything. Love yourself so much, so when someone treats you wrongfully, you instantly recognize it and not wait for it to build up into toxicity. Negative feelings are transient visitors, so let them come and go, never trap them inside you.

Detachment from everything doesn't mean that you do not care. It means that you are taking good care of yourself first, without attempts to save or punish anyone. What we should fear is not failure or abandonment, but the heart that is not brave enough to seek love by taking risks and facing challenges head-on. A tough challenge is like a wild animal with a divine gift in between its fangs. Tame that animal and the prize is yours. And remember obstacles are what our minds create, they manifest into turbulent situations and people who resist change are drawn to us. Keep in mind those who are unsettled or agitated by you for living your truth are those who are not courageous enough to live their own truth or create a reality they've always wanted. Bit by bit, you'll find yourself rising above everyone that one day challenges your ability of reaching the clouds. And once you get closer to the sun, it'll be a long way down.

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