Love is Present: The Gradual Process Back to the One

"Becoming One with the Compassionate" - By Ahmed Lotfy

The universe functions with laws of sustainability and organized expansion; When things move out of that order, it is disrupted and does not flow. Too fast or too quick becomes resistance to the natural harmonization. Wanting an experience to be faster, or a destination to be reached, a job to be fulfilled, to fall in love, a baby to be conceived, a baby to be born, a period to pass, and the pain not to be experienced. All of which is resistance, continually waiting, and not living.

In this universe, there is a law of gradual progress and change. We see it in the seasons of the year, in the pregnancy of a baby, and in human growth. That gentle, incremental progress has the presence of love. The rush to experience love is the agonizing construct of our thoughts, which makes us live in lack; it is an illusion. When we live in fear, it is hard to experience love. When we fear that love is only present after doing or attaining something, it becomes conditional. That condition becomes the block between us and love. It makes love not here, not now - it will keep us searching for it. That search is painful because of the separation. We long for that union.

Love is always present. It never went missing to look for it.

It just got covered with so much dust and rust. Yet, it does not change its presence; it is always here and now. How does the light of love come out with all that dirt on our hearts? It is in the pain, in the heartbreaks, in the longing, in the suffering. Those cracks give us a taste of the potential of love that exists within us. It will only reveal itself when we let go and trust the process of gradual change. We fell out of love when we separated love from our emotions and experiences and started searching for love everywhere externally besides the present phase or emotion. We searched everywhere except for the internal presence of love in our hearts. We think we are not worthy of love because we have to keep searching for it. The biggest mistake we make with love is that we search, look, and seek it. We do these adjectives to lost things, but how can we lose what is already ours?

We are embraced with love at every moment. We do not need the outcome that our intellect rationalized to be worthy of the companionship of love. Pure love receives; it is just being and existing. Human love is of service. Serving love will always have restrictions and conditions that apply. That's how the ego works, which is ok. These are the boundaries of the ego to have a human experience. The problem is in us searching for divine love in humans, things, experiences. How can we search for the infinite in what is finite? Unless, we see the infinite in the finite.

"Longing" By visual artist Omar Lotfy. Model: Reham Ibrahim

Stay still. Stop the search. Your pain is that you are searching for the unsearchable in a physical world with limited space. What a trip? What a journey that will keep ending in agony. We keep catching illusions of that divine love, only to be brought down because our deep longing is not to attain that perishing love. We want something much more extensive and limitless. Do not dismiss that agony though, that agony shows you the barriers between you and the pure divine love. The first and last.

That pure divine love exists in you. In your heart, you will find the infinite Beloved.

We are so scared that time might run out, and we will not unite with love: that lover, that job, that baby, fame, beauty, that body, the youth. We are afraid of not having them or running out of them because we disconnected from our inner union of love and gave our power to the physical perishing earth. We parted from the quantum divine love, and we became so unfulfilled. The heart will genuinely only be fulfilled with divine love. When we experience heartbreak we then see that it is only a pathway that sheds the thrones that is preventing us from experiencing its divine light and love. The path to that pure love becomes a pulsating starry twirl of vigor - reclaiming its power. It is love; your heart is love; you are love just expressed in human form with unique attributes exclusive to you. And if you can see the love in all your experiences, you might see 2020 as love.

There is so much hate for 2020 because it bought us a lot of pain in different ways. Losses upon losses. Losses of money, people, love, just loss. And we dismissed that 2020 is from the days of the divine. We separated it from our experience and hated it like we hate aspects of ourselves. What 2020 was trying to do is show us the blocks we have to pure love. The limiting restrictions we have to feel worthy needed to be addressed. Can you still feel worthy without a job? Your health? Your loved one? Your beauty? Your physique?

Do you need to have all of that to feel worthy of love?

We have been living in a blur, seeking pure love from a very surfaced perspective that does not fulfill our soul's longing on earth. That union between our mental, spiritual, and physical aspects is what our being came here to do on earth—each person with a unique path on their own. Yet, we restrict each other's paths until we became lost because we stopped listening to our guts and intuition. We became slaves to plastic love, which does have a superficial purpose but leaves us empty inside.

I realized I feared love in the midst of all of this, which sounds quite silly; how can you fear what is abundantly beautiful. And I started seeing the barriers and fences between love and myself that made it look so scary. All of the barriers and walls are weak; they are just thoughts, experiences, programming. They are nothing next to pure love. It is not love's truth, yet we attach it to divine love by those human restrictive conditional love. And jail our own divine light within our thoughts, conditions, and expectations we imposed on ourselves. You have the freedom to choose to be free from these restrictions. So start your path back to love. Your path is one path, only one direction, only this direction is right for you and is unique to you.

"Evaporating into You" - By visual artist Omar Lotfy. Model: Reham Ibrahim

So, where is that pause button? Where is that slowing down button? We are moving too fast against the laws of the universe. Something had to come to slow us down and recognize that our world is not just outside of us. In actuality, it is bigger inside of us.

Thank you, 2020, for making us go within and realize we are a lot more than just a physical human. We are much faster and more remarkable beings, and we did not serve our being by searching for love outside of us. All we had to do is recognize love in our stillness. All our experiences are to take us back to our true love. Our first and last love. It won't be felt until we feel the pain of shedding away the barriers.

Let's welcome the new year with love; it is present now only to those who choose to see it with the eyes of their heart: the home of divine love.

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