Lovers on our Path - (An Expansion Parable)

We sometimes fall in love with someone that could be our potential. But not a potential partner. A likely version of our self. We fall in love with a part of our self buried beneath veils of fear. When a part of us realizes we are falling in love with the potential, not the person, then our attachment to them will start to drift away. Despite us not recognizing it with our conscious mind, our subconscious mind is so aware of it.

Artwork by Danielle Noel - "the cosmic heart"

When their experience with us is done, they leave us, but we feel that the attachment to them stays, and emptiness takes over. That emptiness remains for a while until we realize that we fell in love with the work we need to put in our self. We then need to recognize this person was just a reflection of us somewhere in our energetic field, either in our dreams, our imagination, our future, or even a blind spot. That is when we can fill up that emptiness with our potential. We are all one, bouncing off different versions of ourselves on each other to see and discover our inner light.

The death of a relationship, a moment, and experience is an indication of leveling up. This made me come with a whole new appreciation and love for the term death, which is growth. Some elements need to come together to grow or react in a way to create a masterpiece. Then they part once again once the message it came for is realized. The ego creates so many fears, especially around death, wanting to stay on Earth and limiting expansion. We are worth a lot more than staying on Earth. Even though Earth is a beautiful temporary home, it is a temporary home within infinite homes inside and outside of us. We grow together and unite for creation. We are here to create expansion... together.

Our children are like a manifestation of inner worlds inside of us, birthed outside of us. Neglected worlds, loved worlds, oppressed worlds, and unheard worlds. These realms come out in human form, from our flesh. I see in my own son aspects that reflect a lot of work on myself, a lot of stuff that needs recognition and growth. I sometimes wonder why does he love me so much and expresses it so keenly in various ways. What is so special about me? Then I realized he is my inner voice that needs recognition, one I have neglected for so long. The things in our families we hate should not be resisted. They simply need recognition and to let it be with acceptance. If the attributes are within us, then we find ways on how to integrate it into our life. The negatives are also part of us. It should be treated with compassion and love. Soften the grip of resistance, like a tree letting go of its leaves in fall. Trees never fight the seasonal change. They simply flow.

Divine signs are everywhere, if only we take a moment to reflect about every moment as an expanding experience. I won't use learning; it has become cliched. What we experience gets us closer to knowing who we are, so we can integrate, heal and overcome the dark layers that do not make us see our inner light, our true self, our authentic voice. We need to see far beyond what we do or how we are labeled; our light is far beyond labeling. It is magnificent. A marvel if I have to say.

Together we can do wonders. Yet some aspects need to grow separately. It could be heartbreaking at times; we can't always stay together. Just like a building being built, everything is created separately, then put all together becoming one and could possibly separate again down the road. Nothing is constant, everything is always ever-changing. I somehow comprehend on a subconscious level that we are in an ongoing cycle of uniting and separating. Despite that, we are still all one.

Without this cycle, we would not recognize our beauty or our ugly side, and be ok with it and love it anyway. When this cycle does not flow from our egos in return, we are in a war with ourselves, and it becomes stagnated — no growth occurs and self-destruction creates lumps like cancerous cells. Our resistance to flow creates bigger problems. We become idle — kind of like the wars that are happening. Conflicts are a representation of what goes inside of us. We are fighting ourselves and not accepting the fact that it is what it is and creating further pain without healing.

Stagnation is not to be hated. Some people say when someone is sick and dies from the dis-ease that it is better for them now, that he/she is now rested. There is an ulterior truth to it that their growth in this cycle on Earth reached its peak. The soul needs to move on to another place for further expansion — the next level.

Nothing is ultimately good or bad. It is just how we choose to flow with "surrender." Those who choose surrender do not recognize the good and bad. They merely validate the growth. Heaven and hell are inside of us; resistance is hell, and Heaven is flow.

The phases of the ego, dis-ease, and anything "bad" should not be looked down upon, because it is part of the divine love and growth. Like Hiroshima, Japan had to rise again but needed ultimate cleansing. Recognize the beauty in pain and death. It allows for new life and growth. It will hurt. Live the pain, see the darkness, and don't escape it. If you do, it will be left unhealed then it will be stored in your memory which will haunt you somewhere down your journey in life until you choose to look at it, acknowledge, accept it and find ways to heal it. You are resourceful. Trust the process.

Your inner light knows what it needs to do.

Artwork by Danielle Noel - "lifting the veil"

We all come in each other's life to know our self more, experience life, and grow from one barrier of fear to another until somehow, our growth journey on Earth can't expand through our relationships or abstract experiences anymore. It is never the end though. I somehow wish we can come up with a new word besides "death" due to the negative connotation tied to it. It is more like an expansion. We are expanding to something greater and more infinite.

We are always growing. Each person, relationship, encounter, or moment represents our likes and dislikes in our self, basically what needs work and essentially how compassionate we need to be with our slow, steady growth.

So, it is about you and I but not limited to our bodies, our past, or our future. It is about surrendering to growth in all it's forms. Even when it is scary, sad, or angry, it is about surrendering to all. In this surrender, there is divine love. When we resist what is going on, we are resisting our growth, and we will stay stuck in our cycle. Now, I want to say one thing to the world, to myself, and hopefully for you to say it with me. I surrender to my divine growth. I surrender to Your love that is allowing me to grow, expand, and be infinite. I surrender to the love that is allowing me to spread the freedom of my light created by You to the universe.

Our resistance is only limiting us. It is making us stay in one size and in one state.

Our egos think it knows best, yet it is only trying to protect us. So be kind to the ego when taming it, so it does not backfire at you. What a beautiful creation humans are. Today I understood why God told His other creation why we are so glorious. We are ever-expanding, and we battle with ourselves every day and choose the light. We choose Him. Other creations surrender naturally. Our brains are so complex, and it reacts with our spiritual self, mental, physical, and the various other realms within us that we know and do not know of - on daily bases.

Now imagine if a caterpillar were to stay a caterpillar forever and not turn into a butterfly. That is what resistance looks like: The caterpillar might be scared of the darkness of the cocoon, yet it trusted the process. It realized it needs this hibernation. We need this conditioning to grow.

It is never the end. Always a new beginning. Dear previous lovers, thank you for dancing with us to allow further growth. I release you from blame, anger, sadness, pain, misconceptions. I release you, so I can allow myself to flow with what is. I learned so much, thank you for being my teacher for a glimpse in time.

Darkness is thought to be failure, destruction, or the end. Yet I now understand the meaning of needing darkness to appreciate the light, just like the yin and yang, one can't be without the other. I can't be without you. I can't be without my experiences or our experiences because we are all one. And oh, dear me, we are so abundant. Such abundant, limitless beings we are.

We all have a different story that is not to be compared to others. Don't compare it to your past, either. You are a completely new person. Just focus on the version of you that is present now. Flow with it, like a willow tree. Just flow and soften.

I surrender to just being. I surrender to the divine growth. I surrender to divine love. I surrender to the flow of my divine life.

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