Sirens of the Universe

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Artwork: 'Indigo Flames' by Ahmed A.Lotfy

What existed before the big bang? What took place in the beginning when consciousness set in motion its dance with 'matter'? How did the ingenious fusion of elements occur, and false egos amalgamate into the creation of a receptive universe? Was the initiation of life conscious or unconscious? Is there a source of higher consciousness behind the intelligence of the human experience? If so, then who created this source? Is it prohibited to ask such questions? Are we at war with ourselves for no apparent reason? Perhaps it's time to reevaluate the paradigms that used to govern our lives. An old proverb points out that the greatest struggle of a warrior is internal. We fight and engage with no one more than ourselves to control the ego, senses, and emotions. We try to be positive and do well, but often act against that. Our inner life is a constant battleground.

Time shimmers with beauty when we are born, leading to the endearment of innocent youth. It then takes us on an unexpected ride through hyperspace, and before we know it, everything has changed. What is time, though? Is it solely the subtle drag of the clock's arms within the hour? Is it the atomic movement of particles expanding through space, as Einstein proclaimed? Is it the eternal masquerade of reality experienced through memory? Or is all time a mere deception and imagination? Time is a flux according to our ever-changing state. One week for you is possibly a decade for a fly. If a relatively small change in size can cause such gaps in how time is perceived, then what are we to the planet? What is a lifetime to the universe? How do you experience 'time' when you are madly in love? Or when you are imprisoned in a dark cell for an extended period? How quickly does happiness or misery last?

We happen to experience life in human form. We can choose to walk blindly on earth or open our eyes to the inner self before it's too late. Awakening the human soul to its enduring prospect is such a majestic encounter that can turn a life around. Our physical body, at the time being, is our sanctuary made of earth, water, fire, and air. It hosts the spirit. And as we should keep our homes clean and well maintained, so must we keep our mind, body, and soul in check. Just remember that this host is short-lived, and the immortal entity who lives in this beautiful temple awaits the indigo flames to unleash the light and love within you.

If you understand love, you would understand hate. One thing and its opposite usually co-exist and persist. Since the beginning of time, there has not been one without the other.


Positive - Negative

Man - Woman

Love - Hate

Rich - Poor

Confidence - Doubt

Truth - Deceit

War - Peace

Life - Death

Heaven - Hell

That said, you need a justification to hate a person, but who needs a reason to love? It just happens. And if conditions and ultimatums find its way to it, then you intentionally or almost innocently create reasons to turn that unfettered feeling to resentment. Nothing is perfect, but life as a whole, for perfection and beauty reside in our collective conscious. Inside our minds is where we all came from. It is a place where imagination fabricates our realities. The dreams, peace, and love that we share are what we anticipate our whole lives. Love is an undying promise, a fragile souvenir left behind by higher spirits.

You don't really attract what you are. At any given time, you attract people who are primarily in need of what you are. So be sure to make peace with your demons as the alchemical spark gives life to love, it is never forgotten. The flames may fade.. but it never disappears completely. An old flame never brings the heartbeat to a halt; the heart is in constant restless motion. It is home to two fighter fish: dark and light, and only one is determined to live in the tank. The fish of darkness represents hate, pride, anger, lust, envy, and greed; the fish of light stands for love, light, unity, and peace. Which fish will win? Or is it an equal balance of dark and light?

What's the point of seeking light if some are predestined for darkness to counterbalance it? It's not a matter of either-or; we need darkness to find the light eventually. It's an ongoing affair, a tunnel that you have to walk through. Heading in the wrong direction may lead to prolonged periods of darkness. Some people reach the end of the tunnel before others, only to find more tunnels unfold. And some spend their whole lives searching for that first glimmer of light. The fish you feed more will be the last fish swimming. Until then, it'll be a constant battle that may extend for a lifetime. We need to get our priorities straight. The mind can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. But if you feed both 'dark and light' fish with the potion of divine love, then both will be conquered, and the tunnel will be delightful regardless of how far the light is. Your eyes will adjust to the subtle details in the dark.

The mind is like a canvas, and we reflect our perceptions of life on it. The mind's eye paints the vision of an artist; it then becomes a reality. And yet a coherent vision is confusing and perplexing. It's difficult to express. It's never easy for an artist to lay down their exact thought process on a portrait, it's too noisy up there. The mirror of the mind is usually obscured by false impressions, translucent realities, and shadows of programmed beliefs. Only by clearing the foggy mirror of the mind, can one see their reflections clearly. When the mirror is clean, consciousness becomes pure and virtuous. The accounts of liberated souls reflect the clear vision of reality; lost souls only see shadows of reality.

With clear spiritual visibility, you can see the surrounding environment and nature as a beautiful manifestation of a planetary spirit - instead of a ground to exploit. One who notices the soul in everything is a wise soul who understands the self and its non-existent boundaries that connect us to all there is; this is the beginning of divine love. With hazy vision, we forget our source; we see this world as an apparatus for pleasure and desire: a tool for exploitation that is separate from our soul. Nature is choking and coughing blood because of us, then rises again to allow us to redeem ourselves... just like a mother to a child: two separate bodies created from one soul — traceback humanity on that same tree of life.

The soul represents freedom and love. It also represents wisdom and a united frontier of knowledge. True wisdom is esoteric, but love is universal and more deep-rooted. Pure love without knowledge is only a sentiment, an emotion, not devotion. The secret is to balance the mind and heart. Where is the truth, though? Is it in the mind or the heart? Illuminated souls reach higher consciousness through intuition, clear vision, good intention, relevant knowledge, and divine love. They live in a world of pure seraphic awareness, where motion is holy and ecstatic, and return to this world via extra-dimensions as a manifestation of compassion. They lift spirits and raise human consciousness not through teachings, and not through a direct transfer of knowledge, but by showing us unconditional love and through that love, provide us with the path and knowledge we need to seek.

We are born in a way that's naturally irrigated from surrounding stimuli. It's thorny to escape from cultural programming, and it never ends. It's human nature to develop cultures, societies, and order. If we were to colonize another planet and start all over, human beings would still find ways to create disputes, divisions, and factions, rather than co-existing. In order to reach the higher self, we must keep the mind open to its desire for knowledge and understanding of the differences. Knowledge leads to wisdom.

Artwork: 'Sirens of the Universe' by Ahmed A.Lotfy

To be wise is to seek knowledge; however, knowledge without the wisdom of utilizing it for the betterment of humanity is information thrown under the bus. It can only be progressive when love is at the core of what we intend to learn. We have to comprehend that although we are unique by nature and specific to form, we are connected through energy above and beyond human cognition. That's why religious extremists preach aggressively, and atheists desperately respond. Everyone feels the need to be part of a community, a bigger circle. Otherwise, the desire to rejoin would've been absent. Therefore, we should make an effort to be the better half of our soul to find middle grounds, a common loving one. Love is more significant than hate. It's the elixir and cure of resentment and division. Hate is a powerful emotion, it takes a substantial force within us to keep hate at an arm's length when you have been personally exposed to some event that brings you sorrow. It'll take a mighty power to prevent that love turning to hate; otherwise, hate will consume you. Love is our natural form, but hate is easier to develop when faced by misfortunes. Using negative energy to swivel our fortune in the direction of love is the key to awakening. When this occurs, you'll begin hearing the hidden sirens of the universe, and it will lead you to the path of enlightenment through your own personal journey of awakening.

Awakening and enlightenment are two different things; waking up is not the same as being wide awake. When you wake up, you abruptly switch from an unconscious state to a conscious one and start noticing your surroundings with a blurry vision. When you are wide awake, you realize that conforming with existing societal structures seem deranged. It'll feel odd to follow dictums written by those who are afraid to dream, or blind to purpose, and too proud to free their souls. Every person was born to lead their own lives, not to be enslaved by one. You'll discern that the reward for conformity is that everyone will be fond of you, except yourself. Then you'd come to believe what's considered irrational by society, is what you should, in fact, go after. If you feel that you don't fit in your current reality, it only means you exist to create a new one. You will learn 'To Be,' as we all should.

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