The Cracks to Your Light

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Why do we tolerate so much and put it under the saintly frame of ethical values or high etiquette? Why do we agree to have abusive relationships or do things we do not want to do? Do we do that to prove something? If so, to whom? To Ourselves? Society? Parents? Religion? Why aren't we letting go of unrealistic standards that were bestowed upon ourselves for many years? The real question here is, who is keeping a tap on our mistakes and our past? The 'who' here is the ego within us that is trying to protect us in the form of pain, sadness, or anxiety.

How come when we performed a sin, we took the liberty to take that as our identity? As if that is it, this action that was done while in vulnerability is engraved in our worth. It is almost like that action defines 'who am I.' Not to justify sins, but when the sin of any form is committed it is out of fear of something; fear of rejection, fear of not being loved, fear of lack such as lack of safety, wealth, health and the list goes on. It was committed out of fear. It was committed because we were trying to escape an underlying pain. Our energetic vibrations during fear are at its lowest. Therefore we are in a state of vulnerability, not strength. When we are in our strength, we vibrate with light, which is so limitless.

Honey...yes you, this is 'who you are'. You are limitless — not defined nor labeled.

Artwork by Danielle Noel - Child of the Cosmos
Artwork by Danielle Noel - Child of the Cosmos

Your potential exists when discovering an unlimited world within. Guess what? This world within is usually discovered through mistakes, through taking leaps, through pain, and lastly, through a commitment to your inner light. The moment you let go of the conformities you injected on yourself, you will experience your soul and pure essence. Even a noble label limits you. When someone asks you who are you? The perfect answer would be, I just am. Yet this is not accepted in society, so go ahead, say you are a teacher, doctor, businessman, mother, father, grandparent, freelancer, but let these labels pass through you not stick to you. As these labels are perishing, yet your soul forever will be.

We spend days crying over our mistakes, the people we hurt, including ourselves. We reflect on our future and make decisions and even put beliefs based on a mistake we did in our youth or even yesterday that define our whole experience on Earth. No one ever tells us to have compassion for ourselves when we have done wrong. It is always over-guilt, harsh comments, externally, and internally. The mistakes then become completely rejected, not viewed as stepping-stones. Universal wrong will always be wrong, yet each person's experience of wrong-doing is a spectrum of right and wrong. This is based on their experiences, conditions, and time in history.

The point of making mistakes is to go back. Go back to what? Go back to your pure nature, that child-like forgiving state, that living the moment state. It is also to remember. Remembrance. It is only with remembering our divine essence through connection with God that we will find comfort in our hearts. I see in my son bliss even during transitions; he hops around with joy going from one task to another. We dread the unknown that we face during transitions. We want answers right now. So we come up with conclusions to define the future, our worth, or our past. We need to trust the timing of life, observing everything as it unfolds, specially the pain from our own wrong-doings. We need to reclaim the compassion we give to others to ourselves. This compassion belongs to yourself first then extends to others.

We are not our mistakes. We are not our past. We are not our future. We are timeless. We are too pure for earthly labels. We are divine beings. Please, embrace that.

When we made mistakes, we wanted to experience moments of bliss, relief, acceptance, love, safety, and security. Then after that, the moment is gone, and we were left with scary feelings coming back to us. This is where it is time to welcome that scary feeling for a change, experience it, do not resist it, or run away from it. Breathe slowly and walk right into it. There might be a struggle at the beginning, but realize when you stop fighting it, you will allow it to flow through you to take you to the next stage in your journey. Ask it, what do you want to teach me about the experience and myself? You will be surprised, you know the answer within, listen to your heart. It will come to you. Believe me, but believe in yourself first.

Mistakes are gates to our inner light. They create cracks. Our hardened-stone hearts have been shielded day upon day. They need cracks so the rain-water could flow through it. Once water flows, the rock softens. The cracks get bigger and bigger. Then when the time is right, you will see that light. You will touch that essence and realize you need nothing from the external world because heaven was found within you all along.

Our inner light was lost from society's conformities, religious conformities, and ancestral conformities. We lost our path and only identify with whom we are through gaining external love, not activating the love from within.

Artwork by Danielle Noel - Deep Cellular Healing

Brace yourself you will keep doing mistakes. It is part of our human experience. If you were not meant to make mistakes you would have been created an angel or a tree.

Luckily, you are you, and that is the best experience you can be.

Embrace your mistakes. Be conscious; recognize the patterns and what you learned. Don't self-torment and over guilt; this won't serve you. Do not advocate the mistake either. Just recognize your vulnerability when you did so. There was a need at that time, and it was justified. Now find that need within. We have an eternal universe within us why do we only think abundance is outside of us?

As for our physical image, why do we only look at the "bad thing" in it and not accept it as part of us - ignoring all the beautiful, functional aspects? Our bodies are the vehicle that was gifted to us to experience Earth. Even if something needs work, not loving a part of yourself is denying its existence. It is there for a reason; it helped you through something such as emotional eating; it gave you the temporary bliss, and stayed in your body as a memory. Thank it, and release it with love. Take steps to love it, not punish it, take care of it, not over-work it.

Acceptance is a very complicated concept to grasp by the ego, yet it is so easy to grasp by the soul and spirit, this will only be allowed once the veils are lifted — layer upon layer. Be patient with the lifting of veils; it takes a lifetime of experiences, pains, and 'mistakes.' Know your story is always different and unique. Hear other people's stories, see what you can learn, but trust your inner guidance. It knows the way.

Some veils are sheer others are like blackout curtains; they are the harrowing ones. But once they are removed. You will see the twinkling of your light, and when you do, walk towards it. Don't find another blackout curtain just because it is familiar. You are afraid to follow your voice because it denies everything you lived for up to this day. Walk-in that fear, because walking through it belittles the ego's strength and makes your light shine. You are worthy no matter how you look, or where you are from or what you did in your past, or future. Your existence in this world is essential to the flow of the universe. If you weren't important, then you would not have existed. You would have been...nothing. Honey, you are something. Dig in those layers of veils. Notice the different colors and how they made different color reflections. Illusions if I must say. They seemed beautiful with your light. Little that you knew they were a reflection of your light, but not in pure form - like wearing glasses that only reflect one color. It is not the real thing, yet it seems quite lovely. Inside you is the real thing. Don't be scared; it is safe. It is the divine light, far from this world, yet it is here to serve a particular purpose on Earth.

Connect with your light to pursue your mission and message on Earth. If you do not connect with it, you will just be idle, and function within the fear that exists with the beliefs of your outer world. Celebrate your experiences but not as your identity, rather as a pathway to find out who 'you' are on your journey of discovering that pure essence that makes you, you.

We are going to keep running after what we need externally, and our patterns will keep repeating until we realize the work we have to discover to open the gates to our hearts. That heart is the pure sound heart like the one of prophet Abraham, the one that we all have inside of us. We get distracted on the way to it because of the heavenly perfection we strive for externally and neglect that it is actually drawn from inside of us to the outside world.

We get so mesmerized by the stars in the sky because it is a reflection of our heart that wants recognition. The glistening stars are within, and they shine even brighter than the skies, much brighter it is incomparable.

Artwork by Danielle Noel - Breath of the Cosmos

Acceptance is flowing with what comes in your way. Usually, when there is a need, there is a force driving it, and it is embodied as a desire. Just flow with it; do not force it. What happens is always serving you. Accepting the path life has for you created by God without the interruption of your ego.

Your ego causes suffering in your flow.

Heaven is thought externally, such as having children, a lover, all the riches, but mainly heaven is felt the most through relationships. The reason we feel pieces of heaven when love is there because it airs out all the veils, and we taste each other's souls, which, in essence, is a reflection of your own. You attract your tribe, but so many veils are hiding this beauty. We go out of our limits to do something for a loved one, but we don't for ourselves. Love your brother, as you would love yourself. Well, the question here is, do you love yourself? We made the power of self-love in the hands of others. Then we get so angry when we are rejected or not accepted because we think that defines us.

When you recognize the healing, you need to be patient in the process and be gentle on your self dear perfectionist. The cruelty you do on yourself was taught to you; it is not your nature. Your light will not shine with the ego frame of perfection. It will only shine through surrender and trusting your inner voice. Find the meaning behind the things you allow to not pass through you. The emotions and feelings that are felt so strongly in your gut and heart. What do they mean? What is the reason for your actions? And do not analyze them with external values analyze them with your inner light.

We appeal for self-approval and acceptance externally, which is never going to happen until you recognize and love your inner substance.

Just ask the Creator of light to guide you. Pure intention paves the way. You will never lose the way with His light; it is all around you, but most importantly, your life path's light is glowing from within.

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