Timeless Apollo Night

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Artwork: Helix Nebula - 'Eye of God' by Ahmed A. Lotfy

The prominent divinity of the Greeks has acknowledged Apollo as a god of truth and prophecy, healing and poetry, the sun and light, music and dance, and many more attributions to art and enlightenment. He is the son of Zeus and is perceived as the most beautiful amongst all greek gods. Fast forward centuries later, and the term Apollo is still being used to describe breakthroughs in space discoveries. The Apollo space program was designed to send humans to the moon and back safely. It's been called Apollo because space portrays beauty, enlightenment, art, and the mysterious truth of our universe's secrets, hidden in its cosmic bonds. We sail through space in search of revelations and divinations. Cosmogonic truths exist all around us; that's why astrology is a humbling experience. The Helix Nebula, for instance, is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Aquarius, discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding, around 1824. This imponderable metaphysical beauty is one of the closest to the Earth of all other bright planetary nebulae. The distance, as measured by the Gaia mission, is approximately 695 light-years away from our planet.

If you look closely into the helix nebula, you'll notice an extreme resemblance to the human eye. What we search for light-years away from home is not only in front of us, but it's in us. The window of the soul represented in our eyes is a miniature of the vast nebula that is over-watching us from the distant galaxy. It's not just gaping at us but also giving birth to thousands of stars like our sun, illuminating and decorating our night sky. It's fostering life. Its host stars establish their own solar systems with planets revolving around them. The vivacity of this majestic breathing intelligence is surreal.

The evolution of the eyes has always baffled biologists. Various types exist in different species. Some see duplications of the same image within their peripheral vision, like insects. Some are color blind, some have sharper sights than others, and some are completely blind, but no progression of any of these eye designs from simple to complex can be replicated in the natural or artificial world. How do we see? Vision is a miracle. It evolves through different layers of consciousness, animating spirited species, defining lifeless objects, intercepting colors, extracting relative realities, and altering perceptions according to the neuro-signals it receives from the brain. Certain stimuli trigger visions and hallucinations projected by our minds through our eyes, whether in an awakened state or during sleep. This constant evolution of consciousness has endless possibilities, like the perpetual prospects of life around vividly radiant stars that magically emerge into existence out of glaring rays and dust.

What are we here to learn? What are we here to discover? Some souls mature faster than others. Some are ahead in science, some in philosophy, some in art, and others are completely oblivious as to why they exist. They're partially sighted to the mystery of life... until they collide into one another. This is analogous to what occurred millions of years before the Earth harbored life; when it was a dry waterless rock! It remained lifeless until it crashed into another planet suspended in space. The impact shattered the Earth to the core, followed by a constant bombardment of asteroids carrying water. The creation of life, beauty, and meaning was a result of this incomprehensible crash. The debris left behind from the collision consisted of smaller spatial bodies. One of the most significant ones was the moon, and its distance from Earth wasn't far enough to escape its gravitational pull. So it sunk into its orbit and circled the newly formed planet like a roulette. The circular motion of the moon created stability and equilibrium on Earth. The tilted axis contributes to the smooth spinning of the planet, presenting us with the four seasons that account for the cycles of life and death, as reflected by the respiring seed of everything in existence —creation out of destruction.

Artwork: 'Half Moon' by Ahmed A. Lotfy

When human beings collide, at first they don't understand the reason behind it. Sometimes souls are too new to understand how to make a relationship prosper. They haven't been through enough trials that broke them to a degree of bearing life with abundance. They haven't experienced a bombardment of "asteroids" carrying sustenance, teaching them how to stabilize and re-build. They walk away because they think that's what should be done. We live in a world where people and relationships are expendable like a disposable camera that can only be used once capturing a single solitary image of unforgettable reeling moments. Those who have suffered an indescribable loss are willing to take a leap of faith and say: We got this. We are not going anywhere as long as the moon is full tomorrow. Those are the ones with a true fighting chance. Even though we witness atrocious incidents every day, most people have good in their hearts. It is hard to decipher authenticity or the fine line separating the vile from the gracious, but signs are all around us. True intentions surface when we go through pain. Fake skin is peeled unraveling true identities when faced with peculiar hardships. Observe carefully. One day you'll find them. Your eyes will meet, and they'll lock momentarily. Immediately your souls will greet and embrace without saying a word. This is what refuge feels like. When encountering a heart that is returning home from war. Yes, it's broken, yes, it needs love, but it craves understanding more. War is a state of chaos. Those who've experienced it saw things that make no sense to spirits; hence, certain situations may not affect others in the same way. Maybe these circumstances would never have broken you had you not encountered separation, deprivation, or demise. Loss is comical that way. It changes us.

Some people get through grieving with grace and move on to fill the emptiness with a new venture. And some go in an endless cycle of what if's and maybe's. Those who perceive holding on to love as a weakness do not know the strength required in never letting go. Although 'what if' statements are the works of the devil, maybe there is a question that was never appropriately asked, an answer that was never given accurately or an argument that was not handled delicately and made clear. Maybe the heated conversations were not intense enough. Maybe the secrets were not prolific to inspire trust. Maybe we did everything the way it was supposed to happen, or maybe we did everything wrong. Maybe we consumed all of the maybes.

Love is renewable energy; it is not born through a gentle breeze that rapids across a meadow of untouched flowers. It is generated by vigorous conditions: through cyclones that have been harnessed by suppressed windstorms, by immense solar power that neutralizes the harshness of winter then introduces summer heat, by water cascading down a furious current in search of calm ponds. The heart is the renewable source with everlasting love flowing in the core. It tries to find a way to channel this powerful force for good virtue. Because it knows that agony can be transfigured into beauty. Your time in the darkness will prepare you for the people who belong in your light. Remember this. You will feel their hidden love secretly calling under the glowing apollo moon. They won't appear on a full and sunny day. In your deepest moments of despair, they will appear like shadows of re-birth, like guardian angels reviving your silhouette presence of a spirit and pump light, warmth, and grit back to your soul. The same place that stagnated your growth will set you free.

Struggle defines us. Peace doesn't exist naturally, but our hearts seek it through love, unity, and beauty. Exploitation and manipulation will not serve us good, only altruism, service to humanity, and real sacrifice will. In our search for inner peace, we find that devotion to unconditional love and unity brings us ample fulfillment. The controversial argument between materialism and consciousness is the cornerstone of reality. The basis of male and female energy, light and dark, yin and yang, is still at work within the divine world. We are always searching for our other half. It's the origin of our story as human beings, as depicted by Adam's search for Eve. Divinity is founded on the same principle. Male seeking female for the ultimate cessation of hostilities. We can see that profane and secular beliefs subliminally reflect the same divine order that was ordained to us by religions, doctrines, and faiths.

Pride is an ugly fiend. It's sometimes masked with physical beauty and charm that blinds many from seeing the universal truth. It's the root cause of evil disguised in seduction, glamour, and conditional love. The legend of Narcissus renders the tale of a man that fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. He was turned into a flower, a pretty flower but with a menacing message: When love for the self is superficial, conditional, and physical, it distorts our understanding of love altogether. This false form of self-love is a harmful egoism that unequivocally defines all our relationships; an obsession with our mirrored ego is therefore referred to as narcissism. And it's for that reason, people preoccupied with the way they look or the way others appear tend to suffer a lot from narcissism. It takes a great deal for a desirable person to truly be humble, and pull themselves back down from the vain that lifts their egos, leaving behind a tormented core. The ego finds thousands of ways up, but it's the same way down to the essence for all of us.

Opening the third eye obliterates the narcissistic self. Spiritual vision goes beyond our senses, mind, and even intelligence. The senses usually function to experience details from the material world, which the mind accepts or rejects only based on selfish interest. The ego frequently abuses self-interest. Enlightenment is only possible when we leave aside the false self or ego, our main exploitation factory. Within the mind are constant afflictions - brainstorms. Where do these mental typhoons originate? And how do we calm ourselves in stressful times?

One who is wise enough has eased the mind, but it's easier said than done. We need to remain undistracted, and undisturbed by mental distress, as stress is like waves in an ocean, you can either float on top of them as they come and go or drown in their misery. When we float on water like a buoy, we realize how similar it can be to hover on the moon. When floating becomes second nature, we worry less about the pull of gravity, and direct our vision from the darkness of space, towards the spectacular view of our night sky, and the breathing ethos that transpires from it.

Artwork: 'Moon-Floating' by Ahmed A. Lotfy

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