You Are Not Alone

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Every person has a unique story to tell. An impactful story can create distant ripple effects, one that all souls can identify with. One that stems from cries we hear deep in our hearts, one that's caused by the wounded child within us — one that involves loss, and love that comes around in the form of that loss.

For loss to happen, a destructive force is required, and it's only through a clash of destructive forces that something new can be created. Our skin encompasses the same metaphysical space that governs the destruction and creation of stars. Traumatized children always dream of a savior to salvage what's left of their wrecked lives; they never imagine this savior that presents them with new beginnings would eventually be themselves when they become adults. When we grow up, we learn that healing this childhood trauma is the key to shatter our pre-programmed illusions and fears. We not only make peace with fundamentally insoluble problems, but we can choose to outgrow them as well.

Family dysfunction rolls down from one generation to the next, like a tsunami flooding everything in its path until one person dares to turn back and face the forces in action. If trauma can be passed down, so can your healing. You can bring peace and spare the offsprings that follow. Cultural programming, family divisions, and group differences promote the need to control societies. Those who are genuinely fearless set others free, not confine them!

On the other hand, those who need control over others are undoubtedly afraid of something. We need to identify what it is that we fear. Is it the dangers the 'other' bring? Are we afraid of ourselves? Is there no trust amongst human beings anymore? Or is it our pre-conditioned fears from God? When we return to our source, we become conscious that all these questions are the same, they're passed down fears, not innately inherited.

God is not supposed to be feared; this is a religious misconception that was implanted by institutions to control the ideologies of the masses. Instilling fear gives power, upper hand, and leverage of one human over the other. God is in everything; therefore, no one is supposed to have power or control over the other. It scorns the Creator within each of us. If control is absent, so should fear. Control stems from fear; they are both intertwined. Letting go of one automatically eradicates the other.

Life is made noteworthy by the fearlessness of our questions and the boldness of our answers. Do not be afraid of making courageous claims as long as the intention is truth-seeking, not provocation. The human struggle and curiosity lead us to a better understanding of our purpose in life. What's fascinating about space discovery is the fact that we stand as one representing all humankind as soon as we leave the Earth's grasp and venture into space. Why does unification naturally occur when we are in space? Why does this behavior change below the planet's atmosphere?

Solitude is the gateway to reconnect with the Spirit within us. The loneliness and isolation experienced during trauma healing disconnect us from our masked persona. Healing means we return to the source, to our whole unfiltered state. During the therapeutic process of returning to one's original and pure identity, we instinctively let go of things and people who are no longer compatible with the person we are becoming. Our social circles are reduced or sometimes fall apart entirely; this can make anyone feel alone or lonely. If we don't face ourselves with authenticity during this intense period, we can easily fall back to our old selves and repeat our mistakes indefinitely. Many are resistant to heal because their entire identity revolves around the trauma they've encountered. They have no character outside of this trauma, and the prospect of the unknown can cause immense discomfort.

Severing connection with the outer world and letting go of our old self proliferates social detachment, especially when you don't fully recognize who you are becoming. You no longer know who you're going to be comfortable with, and who you'd prefer to surround your new self with. As we shed old beliefs, habits, patterns, and behaviors, we temporarily encounter void, a space in our psyche. Our old identity decays, and that may cause us to feel emptiness for a while as we haven't shaped a stable connection with our new selves yet. We don't know who we really are; this is where we are presented with a tough subconscious choice: grow or go back to toxic patterns until we take the lesson to heart. The inner work is often experienced as confusing, depressing, and lonesome. That's why some people fail to go through the healing process and fall back to their old selves, where they feel acknowledged, loved conditionally, and surrounded by a false company. And if they don't find the strength to grow, and there's no one to surround or support them, it may lead to endless cycles of depression.

All these feelings of being alone are precious jewels that should be dealt with delicacy. It's hard yet beautiful. That's how we came into this world: alone. We sleep and dream: alone, and we will leave this Earth: alone. These are kind invitations to turn deeper within, re-build, and fortify our connection with ourselves. The stronger this connection, the more you align with your true nature, the faster you overcome traumas. The most critical link is the one we have with ourselves and the source Creator - God. It's a bond we can sway the way we want it, and it's the only connection we can truly rely on. God is the same Mastermind for all of the beliefs. Working on this relationship alone is, therefore, time and effort well spent. The loneliness that comes with healing can be perceived as a gateway to reinforcing this most vital connection in existence; this is called 'The Hermit Phase' of spiritual awakening. It is the pull towards your inner world by spending considerable time in solitude to introspect, evaluate, and reflect. As a result, we seek spiritual guidance and information to quench this deep sense of a search for an answer to a question we can't fully wrap our thoughts around.

Do you ever wonder if our ultimate purpose is connecting on a macro level? How to unite people together? You are a global citizen, which means if you accept all the differences across the world, we will have a more united front, more efficient, and productive global society, a more evolving planet. Uniting people that are different means meeting people where they are, without changing them. We don't have to be alike to coexist. We only have to care about each other and be kind to one another. We shouldn't judge a person for being where they are; we should get into their space and relate to their situation as much as possible. Every seed sprouts and grows at its own pace. We don't force plants to grow faster by adding more water; they'll rot this way.

We can't know for sure what it is like to be in someone else's shoes, but we can choose to remove that element of judgment and accept this is where they are. Finding peace is what we all want. The next time you judge a person, or not know how to settle an argument, see if you can find common ground between you. And remember that every time you judge someone, you reveal an unhealed part of yourself. You cannot love or hate anything about someone unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself. It is never about the other; it is always about you.

When you become angry or lose your calm, it means that you made things personal, where it never really was. When emotions take over, you've already lost your cause, so try to make a conscious effort to find your calm waters of wisdom. It serves everyone well this way. The urge to comprehend your own soul will eventually end all conflicts. Every connection is unique. When you finally acknowledge that a person's behavior is all about their internal struggle than it ever did with you, you learn how to be happy. Happy moments are transient, so grab on to it like water's search for life, and never let it go.

Everybody has a mysterious maze inside of them; the endpoint is happiness. One day you're going to realize that happiness was never about your wealth, degree, career, or your relationships. Happiness was never about following other's legacy or the footsteps of previous generations. One day, you will understand that happiness is about understanding how to live with yourself and others, regardless of their beliefs. You'll realize that your fate and happiness was never in the hands of others, to begin with. You're going to see that happiness is about the discovery of the self, the hope of finding peace, listening to the heart and following it wherever it chooses to go, for the better or worse. It would be through what you really enjoy doing with love and soul, even if it meant facing tough times! Happiness is about embracing the journey you are manifesting, and the person you are becoming in the process. The magic of life resides in the process of self-discovery, and you'll come to understand that you are not alone in the quest for salvation.

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