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“Upholding the true covenant of tolerance, in tough times, is the definitive doorway to heaven”

By compiling the most significant topics of our time all in one book, A.A. Lotfy captures true meaning behind the abstract in a quest to display how religion and science go hand in hand. The author takes us on a journey through the realms of quantum physics, consciousness, spirituality, the unconscious and self-realization. Exploring and obtaining well-rounded findings, Lotfy seamlessly sews together all the pieces, like they are the very fabrics of the universe. Quite exceptionally though, this book does not just focus on the external; this piece of writing hones so much zest, it is as though the words glow up, and illuminate the darkest corners of the reader’s own mind. This ultimately leads to gaining the most vital kind of knowledge — self awareness. We are taught to strip ourselves from egotistical mindsets and cultural programming, and taste pure freedom in unison with each other. This self help book is far from ordinary, and will leave the reader educated, enlightened, reflective and most probably itching for a yoga session. You will witness the ugly truth with no sugar coating whatsoever, but the author manages to instill the raw information in quite a digestible form.

So I invite you to read this unputdownable book with open arms, but more importantly an open heart. You are opening the door to finding your purpose, and together we are on a mission to spread love, awareness and gratitude.

“We are only limited by what the mind is capable of imagining. There is a world beyond our reach that confounds our understanding of the universe. So, let’s not limit our beliefs to what was ordained to us and realize that all that we know is a fragment of boundless potentialities.”

"Enigmatic, engaging and enlightening"

May 22, 2019



"We’re all born with a need to make sense of the world around us and many turn to either science or religion in that pursuit. As we become attached to one school of thought or another, we can lose sight of, or interest in, the overlap between the scientific and spiritual realms, often dismissing ‘the other’ as unenlightened or worse, deluded.

Beyond the Prison of Beliefs attempts to appeal to both ends of the audience spectrum through an investigation of the commonalities that unite us and the rifts that divides us. The book takes the reader through a journey of self inquiry of one’s own biases towards ‘the other’ by understanding the physical and psychological forces that shape us all and by humbling us to the fact that despite our scientific feats, what we know about ourselves and this vast universe, is indeed limited.

Promoting, oneness, compassion and patience, Beyond the Prison is Beliefs has the potential to empower cross cultural and cross generational dialogue, creating a baseline for openness and understanding where there once wasn’t."



"Reading this book felt like a relationship to me. It made me feel love, smile, cry, have goosebumps, question myself, and even have a break (the healthy kind).

The book transports you through different realms of existence between earth and heaven - science and spirituality. Your soul will create this unanimous dance with it. 

One day I read an entire chapter in one sitting due to the intriguing wonder that gravitated me to keep reading. And another day I had to take a break (2-3 days) to allow some healing work to progress. It ignited a path of new concepts,revelation of hidden wounds and indulgence of fresh ideas that didn't cross my mind before. It also affirmed previous ideas that may have passed in my sky of thoughts. 

I got out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to read scientific information that does not register in my head and found that I may have this new interest in physics- a subject I never studied in school. Gradullying and subliminally, Lotfy instills the correlation of science and religion as you are reading forward. The author managed to display the main points to audience like myself to acquire the minimum knowledge (of both science and spirituality) to question and proceed with the reading.

Bare with me because I am an extrovert that reads with her heart so my words are just a small reflection of the reality I felt during the kinship of this book.

There is a little bit of history, politics, arts, subtle math, storytelling, beautifully constructed analogies and pristine notions. The author was able to cater to all audiences as it emphasized the attention in a subtle way allowing the reader to focus on bettering themselves. Or more of - liberating yourself from self oppression that has been defined differently in the smooth waves of these intricate pages. 

Warning though: be ready to keep using google to look up stuff, specially for the skeptic. Some supporting information is on his blog at https://www.ahmedalotfy.com/blog which helped me clarify ideas the way the author tried to portray, but it didn't stop me from exploring other ways to discover what makes sense to my heart. 

The last chapter for me was like a farewell party. It was perfectly aligned and in complete harmony with my current endeavours. Which made me affirm for a fact, I did not stumble upon this book by sheer luck. 

After completing the book I had mixed feelings between wanting more of this beautiful array of hybrid knowledge and being excited about consciously applying what I have learned. It charged me with a very high frequency of spiritual boost.

Finally, I do recommend reading it with an open heart, mind and soul in order to access the 'beyond' part in the prisons of our apparently very limited beliefs :)"



"It’s seldom that we find books that challenge us both spiritually and mentally at the same time. But I always believe that books find us, and not the other way round. Reading your delicately written book Ahmed Lotfy was really thought provoking and timely for me on the personal level. I congratulate you on the launch of your first book Beyond the Prison of Beliefs ."

"Delicately written book"

June 8, 2019



What I really loved about this book... that in each chapter it gives the reader a new idea to grasp and think of...

As soon as you start reading...you are presented with a scientific explanation applicable and practical to adopt in the physics of life....that makes all the sense...

then just before you realize it, you close the book with a new idea on how to approach religions & beliefs in the simplest yet a sophisticated way...

Looking forward to read more about the writer's spiritual personalized experience...



This book was definitely an eye-opener when it comes to understanding not only the universe, but also in understanding that running away from heavy emotions will be a consequence that will always linger in the future, and that having an open mind and an open heart is the key to understanding this universe, and also one another. Understanding that love-loving oneself, the world we live in, each other, is in fact, what creates peace in the depth of our soul. understanding toxic characteristics is equally important. I definitely enjoyed the chapters about narcissism and narcissistic parents and in-laws. Its very easy to get trapped in an endless cycle of aiming someone that can't be pleased, when you lose sight of what's really important here: you.

This book was a reminder for what's really important here. Being in tune and in sync with the universe will give you a different kind of liveliness. And understanding and admitting our flaws, will be painful now, but its so worthwhile in the future.


August 14, 2019



Rhetoric about spirituality and the human search for spiritual answers has been part of history for many years. Humans have a profound need to understand their spirits, which is the core of human existence and the most elusive and mysterious constituent of our humanity because being spiritual is part of being human. Here we’ve got Ahmed Lotfy’ answers taking us to a journey of inner investigation for spirituality.

For life to develop, a certain number of laws are required. These are the laws of physics, biology, etc. As well as ethical and moral laws. We don’t know all the laws, but the cultural patrimony that our ancestors have left us, allows us to approach them. But what’s physics without metaphysics? Can we understand it without tasting it? Is it the same to read the recipe of chocolate cake than eating it? This book makes you think, travel and leaves you to the yen of trying.

We can all have our opinion about what is a reality, what is an illusion, what are we? Do we really try to know? The remarkable work of A.Lotfy is an example. The author of beyond the prison of beliefs is attempting to push, through his mind, the limit of our brain. He dared to give proofs and results. Having studied the subject of spirituality for many years, being always very shy and conservative about my own results, I have to assume that his investigation impressed me.

Beyond the prison of beliefs retraces an unconditional way to spirituality and I cannot wait to read the second part after the author’s experience.

"Art of the mind"

August 28, 2019

MARIANNE FARQANE - Founder of PallasArts


If I am being truthful, it took me a very long time to find my feet when reading this book. Once I did, however, I sailed through it, reading it in two easy sittings. It is superbly written, and Lotfy is an extremely professional author – evidently well-educated and academic, yet philosophical.

I already knew what the book was about, and it did indeed go on to confirm the blurb. But, the confusion for me, I felt, was in the structure. For the sum of its parts, Beyond the Prison of Beliefs is a book which aligns science with faith, and fosters human well-being through spirituality – this is all fine, a popular subject and Lotfy does a grand job. The problem for me was that chapter 1 seemed out of place, as he delves straight into Creation, the Big Bang and quantum physics – an intensely scientific subject, and one which inevitably launches a religious author into a discourse of filling the information gaps with God. In turn, as the reader, I was then expecting it to continue in a vein which, if I am being totally honest, was going way over my head, and by which point I was clinging on by my fingernails to keep up. But in chapter 2, Lotfy comes back to Earth, and much more personal besides, with a study of human biology - promoting spiritual and plant-based resources for our general well-being. Following this, the third chapter then delves into psychology, predominantly referencing quotes from notable figures and spiritual affirmations to come to terms with one’s own psyche, and that of others – particularly narcissists, which get a significant word count devoted to them. This is all good, extremely relatable for all of us, and a section of the book which I, as a former student myself, found the most interesting. Lotfy’s advice is good, his approach to spirituality a holistic one; there then follows a foray into yoga and prayer.

But then, chapter 5 plunges the reader straight back into the universe and the vast arena of quantum physics, and on this revisiting – having planted the seeds - Lotfy discourses much more earnestly about the Quran. Any ambiguity about the religious rhetoric of the book is all but wiped out in this and the final chapter, in which he explicitly states that he “wrote a book about Muhammad”. My problem is not the religious aspect: Lotfy is a very good author with wonderful knowledge and insight, not just into his faith, but into the modular sciences; his book is well-balanced. What I felt harmed the book’s structure, and caused me problems early on, was that it is very much a book of two parts; I felt that that any implied connection between the universe and our individual spiritual well-being (however obvious it might seem to be) was not made clear. It was therefore my opinion that chapters 1 and 5 should have been presented together as one self-contained part of the book, and the chapters on the self, together as another. In this way, I think I would certainly have found it much easier to digest from the off; to be frank, I’m not sure to what extent readers would be willing to connect the two very different subjects – the quantum physics debate seems implanted in the book without any obvious link to the personal fulfilment aspect, which is a highly popular subject for a book; it seems that the reason for its presence is to present the religious argument, rather than any spiritual correlation.

Lotfy’s religious message most definitely increases in tempo as the book goes on, which is a clever way to structure it – were he to go straight in with his faith as strongly as he closes, he may have found himself alienating readers. Instead, he manages to present reasonably balanced debate, with some very well-curated referencing to support him. I don’t think Lotfy is going to convert anyone to faith with this book, but I would definitely recommend that readers don’t discard it just because they may reject its religious thesis – there is much, much more to Lotfy’s generally holistic guide to well-being. I would have liked to have seen more human science and less quantum physics, or as I said, perhaps clearer separation of the two. Other than this, however, there is no doubt that this author is an extremely clever, professional and talented writer, and his book is a very good one.

MATT MCAVOY - Author of 'Clouds' & 'Modern Tales of Horror'


This book was full of fascinating insights from start to finish. It is written in such a way that it allows the reader to easily grasp complex subjects such as quantum physics and the personal aspect to it is very refreshing. So many different concepts are explored, each carefully balancing theory with practical advice, making it highly thought provoking. It certainly challenged me throughout.



This book drew me in once i started reading it. It goes into fascinating topics such as near death experience and how they relate to quantum physics, consciousness, the universe, and even religion. It’s a good balance of everything and is not too overwhelming for an average reader such as my self.

"Must Read"

October 25, 2019



I found this book interesting, although some of it was pretty complex. I'm not affiliated with anyone religion, but I do believe in God. I always considered science proof of God, instead of separate from Him. I've always been fascinated with near-death experiences, especially since I lost my parents. This has made me want to explore more of my spiritual side. Highly recommend. Thanks, Guys

"Science God???"

October 26, 2019



I enjoyed this read and the connections made between between different aspects of life and thought. It wasnt difficult to follow the concepts and it was quite interesting. This allowed me to further explore my own ideas and gave me a place to launch additional research.

"Enlightening exploration of physics and spirituality"

October 30, 2019

BENJAMIN TROTTER - Top 50 reviewer on Amazon


In the Laws of Attraction section, you were so down to earth in your writing, especially when you persuade the reader to start having “thoughts of gratitude”. So close to the heart. The way you broke it down and listed steps for affirmation practicing, and meditating, that was just phenomenal. I love steps and lists, and im sure im not the only one. But the point is, when you list steps like that it not only makes it easier to practice, but also influences the reader to actually practice. A powerful close to the first chapter, summing up the true meaning behind the law of attraction.

"Nice and easy to read"

November 1, 2019

NUSIRAT ISHOLA - Top 1000 reviewer on Amazon


The way you started your book immediately engages readers of different kinds, the scientific thinking ones, the religious ones, (who can also be scientific), and even those confused or unsure of their views.
Hope is the pulsating quasar of life.That sentence is magical, and I had to acknowledge it because it made me pause and go: Wow.

"Five stars"

November 1, 2019



You studied matters through all disciplines, physical, biological, chemical, and spiritual. This really gave you the opportunity to explore and obtain well-rounded findings, seamlessly sewing together all the pieces, like they were the very fabrics of the universe.

"Great book"

November 3, 2019



There’s so much zest, so much passion and enthusiasm in your writing it’s as if the words glow up, and illuminate the darkest corners of the reader’s mind. Chapter one is full of significant concepts, some are more easier understood than others and that is due to the concept itself. You on the other hand provided the reader with simple but thorough explanations, examples to aid convey the message even more (so your elaborations simplified the concepts immensely while maintaining the meaning, which is a SKILL.. it didnt become “quantum physics for dummies”, rather it supplemented understanding concepts without leaving out any of the good stuff.


November 6, 2019



I initially purchased this book for my sister, who lost her husband unexpectedly at a very young age and has been questioning her beliefs ever since. When the book arrived I was looking it over, and next thing I knew, I read the entire thing in one day! It definitely makes you think and is extremely intriguing. The author does a great job portraying the whole picture of things. Definitely a good read!

"Read in one day!"

November 13, 2019



I loved how you described the typical defense mechanism of the average individual. and everything you mention from this point onwards is going to be so familiar to readers, so relatable.. yet at the same time it will hold that quality of freshness/rawness, because no one’s ever heard it before. you relayed a message across to so many people from looking deep inside your own self, and there it is again: harmony and unity, because we all go through dark times, we’re all human, and so it’s best to get past our differences, and help each other out (just like you’re helping every pair of eyes that reads your book).

"Well written"

November 19, 2019



You lay out the truth for what it is, without sugar coating it. Something else i love about your book is that.. it’s all connected. all of it, so effortlessly. Thats what meditation is for! connecting to your inner, subtler feelings that don’t surface, and in chapter 4 you get in touch with meditation precisely. You acknowledge how we tend to disconnect from our true selves sometimes, and what that leads to: misunderstanding why we’re down, unaware of our genuine thoughts.. out of touch with what a voice inside is us screaming out loud. A gap forms and it’s as if your unconscious self is stranded on a remote island.. it’s not easy to look within, inwardly.. but when you do, you can get a glimpse and make out that you’re unconscious has been writing out an SOS (Save our souls, in this case, ‘soul’) in the sand all this time. And its through this fine state of self awareness, as you later refer to, as “free of ego”, that we can truly grow to fulfill our purposes.

"Must have this book"

November 23, 2019



Good book. Was a quick read. Opened my eyes to views outside of my own ""prison"" of belief. I believe this is a book everyone should read. Definitely helped me better understand others views that differ from my own.

"Easy read and interesting"

November 23, 2019



This is an exceptional book. He explains his religious journey, a long darkish night time through nothingness, till he became completely divested of himself in solitary confinement. On the give up he offers some exact reflections on our vocation to union with God, what this indicates practically... earthy, encouraging and to be recommended.

"Wonderful book for spiritual journey"

November 23, 2019